SPOILERS AHEAD FL4K..... trap? The beastmaster was someones personal bot!?

FL4K the indexing unit???

let’s get some theorycrafting going this could be fun


so you think all servant bots were Clap Traps ?

That´s racist

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I mean claptraps were Hyperion manufactured general purpose work robots. This echo shows FL4K was some kind of Butler / Assistant type robot. I mean they both share the same one eye, like other robots that were workers or became sentient like loader bot! After handsome jacks death it’s possible more and more robots woke up! This reminds me of Detroit become human! This is great!! :grin::grin::grin:


It says steward not servant lol


Fl4k is not a Cl4p-Tp. Cl4p-Tps are general purpose work robots that look exactly like the Cl4p-Tp we know and generally wish we could shoot from time to time.

Just because they were a steward who served humans doesn’t make them a Cl4p-tp. There are many makes and models of robots.


That’s why I speculate a part of the line or altered coding like a FR4G trap which was created to be a merciless killing machine. FL4K could be along those lines but instead can also take the flak as well as put it out. Could of been created as an all around robot that can do a little bit of everything hence being made up of many different parts to benefit all purposes. :grin: These are just my excited theories!

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A steward is not a servant, Claptrap’s are stewards all over pandora, assigned to manage, supervise & keep order to a certain area. I only mention “butler” in regards to FL4K because in this echo they’re bringing (what is to be assumed fl4ks creator/“human”) him Tea and breaks the news that they’re more self aware now & thirst for murder :robot:

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I think that Fl4k was Deathtrap unit who was made to be servant but somehow regained units former killer instinct

My quess it why Fl4k has legs is because, Fl4k sometimes tries to fool it´s prey before the kill

maybe when meeting Lilith, Fl4k played to be human

That could be possible!! I feel FL4K could of been a sleeker line of loaders who became more aware after jacks death, maybe when he died something did too, (like a code) one that would hinder AI and just obey or do the task they were coded for but then “malfunction” happen, around human behavior too long you start to feel human. Like loader bot, #1340, Mal, Innuendobot etc. Since FL4K probably had to escape unnoticed they had no choice but to play master of disguise so they could navigate the universe without being a target.

So we’ll have to see what background info they will give us once the game comes out. Maybe FL4K could be deathtrap, since Gaige is not around (yet) maybe she could’ve been killed and out of revenge deathtrap became self-aware and fused with a robot or spawned with legs.

Well, at the start of TFTBL Vaungh kinda says something similar, that robots have become more intelligent or something

Maybe the Grand Archivist is her father and FL4K is his personal robot? But in the gameplay when you meet Lorelei, Maliwan is using the stolen deathtrap models. Seems like FL4K was made to be an encyclopedia / filing cabinet for information / an advanced tracker.

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yeah and maybe some other Deathtrap unit ( or even Gaige ) uploaded the orginal settings to Fl4k

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It’s intriguing…I’m trying to picture deathtrap walking but it keeps phasing to him floating and it seems FL4K is more agile. Maybe he is/was a “butler” and he probably cut lose in order to find someone or something. If robots did become “smarter” then the possibilities are endless

My quess is that Fl4k ordered custom build legs for them, so that they could masquerade as human and learn some stuff humans don´t tell robots

and possibly lure them to traps

Well if your theory of Gaige uploading the data of deathtrap to FL4K is correct then we could only imagine what her outcome would be death, exile, or she would be “corrupted”. Maybe FL4K is trying to search for answers as he tries to find em in the vaults or the journey

could also explain why Fl4k wants to be referred as “them”

or he is english robot

I mean that would be sick FL4K could be seeking redemption for Gaige!!

FL4K is legion in a sorta way to speak

Which system are y’all playing BL3?