[SPOILERS] BL3's Story...do not read if you haven't finished

I finally finished the main campaign Sunday morning. The story as a whole felt mediocre in comparison to BL2. It wasn’t bad, but just not on the same level as BL2. BL2 you loved to hate Handsome Jack and the things that he did. He was an incredible villain.

BL3 the Twins were obviously psychotic and were essentially self entitled brats thinking they should own the Galaxy. But all in all, they were very underwhelming as the main villains. Troy should have gotten a cutscene or at least something more along the lines of tortured for what he did to Maya. Tyreen for the most part got what she deserved in the end. I don’t think we have seen the last of Lilith. Tannis states during the final scene that “she could die”, but we are left with Lilith having saved Pandora from destruction, and no actual definitive answer if she died or ascended into something greater. And even though the images during the credits show the Vault Hunters sorrow over the loss of Lilith…they never give a hard answer that “Yes, she is dead.” Also, the whole who their father was, was kind of on the nose. Was hoping not to find out until the very last minute, but you saw it coming. And it was kind of a let down. Was almost hoping they would have been kids from some lineage of Jack’s Family.

Personally, the one part of the story that I liked the most, which wasn’t even dialog, but was a visual. The graffiti at Roland’s Rest at the base of his statue. I just found it cool that all the previous VH’s had left some kind of note to Roland. I don’t remember if the same was done on Bloodwing’s statue or not, will have to check the next time I get to that area.

I haven’t gotten to spend a lot of time with Mayhem Mode. But the little that I did…it’s going to be a love/hate relationship. Even on Mayhem 1 on Playthrough 1 it feels like certain enemy types are way over powered. But at the same time I am using mostly weapons that are 3-5 levels below me at this point since I have not found anything better to replace them with. Goliath’s have become my new hatred at this point. They are way too over powered on even Mayhem 1. So much that I actually miss having Slag Weapons.

All of the various enemy types were cool even if just reskins of other types. I will say the Robots from later in the game made me long for the Robots from BL2. They were just more fun to be able to dismantle and eventually take out. The fact that we essentially only had 3 behemoth sized bosses was also a let down. I really hope they introduce a bunch more in the DLC’s.

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I agree. The story wasn’t as amazing as BL2 was, but I think it had its moments. My biggest issue was with people complaining about Ava not getting any kind of character growth, but I think that’s a bit misplaced. One dialog bit I missed that I heard playing with a friend was Tannis chastising Ava a little bit. I can’t remember exactly when it happens, but she basically says “I understand you’re upset Ava, but the Calypsos killed Maya. Not Lilith.”, and Ava just says “yeah” as if she’s been shown she’s being a brat and understands this.

I think she was supposed to be the same but different from the twins. They both “lost” their parents young. I say this because clearly they cared nothing for their father so losing their mother would be their whole family. Plus Maya treated Ava approximately the same was as the Calpysos were treated by their father. In order to protect their children they tried to shelter them. Both were very rebellious, but I think the difference between Ava and the twins is that Ava had a support group to go to after losing her family whereas the twins just had themselves so their resentment, anger, and desire to be the center of attention became all they were about. Maya and the Crimson Raiders gave Ava a purposed even after Ava was killed.

I think the story did quite a good job of having each character deal with their own internal struggles. Lilith had just gotten her confidence back after taking care of Hector only to lose it again when her powers were stolen by Tyreen AND lose the Vault key again. By the “end” of the story the characters showed growth in getting past their insecurities. Ava was much more confident and responsible when going with her to take out the Calypsos. Lilith obviously had accepted the role of leader, and dangit even Tannis grew out of her shell whether she liked it or not.

While not perfect I do feel that it wasn’t as bad as many people say that it was, and I don’t hate Ava entirely. I’m really interested to see how much more they grow the characters in the content they continue to release for the game.

I don’t believe Bloodwing had any kind of notes on it.

I agree with most of what you said in regards to Ava. I don’t hate her or even dislike her. She is a new character that we really haven’t gotten to know yet. I feel like over time she will be an asset…and grow into the powers and role she has been given. Especially, with the as you say support system of the CR there to shape and mold her. I hadn’t really looked at the similarities with the twins and Ava…now I can totally see that connection of how similar circumstances can have different end results based on key elements, like family and a support system. The story did do a good job at giving resolutions to a lot of the familiar characters. Just wish we would have gotten a little more time with some of them. Tina is my all time favorite character, she was my favorite part of BL2. Just wish she would have had more than a bit role in BL3. I hope they do something in the DLC’s with her to give her more screen time.

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Agreed. The twins remind me of the two anoyying girls from FarCry New Dawn.
And the whole followers idea…I’m too old for that sh!t.

Angry joe nailed it pretty good in his review

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I really didn’t have too many issues with the storyline… it’s a borderlands game, and I don’t really feel like the universe ever takes itself too seriously. So, I could definitely point out a large handful of flaws with the storyline, but nothing ever really was like game breaking for me. To be honest, the only thing I really didn’t like about the game was

Maya’s death.

And I’m not even trying to pick apart whether or not she could have survived if Ava wasn’t there or whatever. I really was only bothered that I feel like she was just passed by after she died. Roland got a really heroic treatment after his death, and continues to be honored even in BL3 with locations named after him, statues, etc. His involvement in the B&B DLC was arguably one of the most well-written and emotional things we’ve seen in the franchise.

Now especially with Lilith being missing at the end of the game, I’m almost positive that the story and DLC is going to be spent mourning Lilith when we didn’t have a second to mourn my girl Maya. Feels bad man. I hope she gets some kind of memorial in the content to come.

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I’ll say… having finished as an Amara…

There are way too many points in the story where you’re like “Sure. She’s a siren… but I’m here, and so are you two asshats. Why are we not putting boots to pavement here?”