[Spoilers] Borderlands 3 random things

I get that it is a call back to the Mysterious Amulet but I have to say this is some pointless ■■■■■■■■. As far as I can tell all it does is that existing Eridium piles can now also spawn invisible. It doesn’t adds to the plot, they don’t give more Eridium and there aren’t new invisible ones on top of the already possible spawns.

All it does is making it more tedious for everyone who hasn’t eqiupped this thing and why should I do this at the cost of losing my artifact benefits?

I can really only imagine that either someone at Gearbox thought it funny because of “ghost” Eridium or there sole purpose is to add 1-3 hours playtime for farming the achievement/trophy.


It can cause (or looks like it) eridium explosion on badass enemies when they die.
When I was using it on Flak for the trophy it always gave me x2 eridium than without it.

Eridium piles have three different states in game: no spawn, spawn visible, spawn invisible. It looks like overall spawn rate is higher than before the patch, but if you know where they are, using melee artifacts will always give you more eridium.


Throwing a grenade while crouching actually changes the throwing animation.

Just tested and sadly no, even with Mysterious Artifact they stay invisible.


Something I never noticed before after killing Iron Jack. Pretty Boy’s sizzling corpse.

I just assumed he got crushed in the robot or something. (This image would be funnier if FL4K was tossing actual money)


It’s the same face/model as the statues after placing the bomb for Ember.


It is? And her bomb can turn gold statues into charred midgets that look like Two-Face?


Yeah - she’s got some super secret enhanced fire tech in that bomb… Either that, or the statues are gold-leaf on wood.

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Zane is most fabulous now.

Recently noticed something about the Lost Loot machine in Sanctuary. If you empty the machine but do nothing with the loot, it goes back into the machine. Discovered it after doing a save quit the other day only find the machine full when I returned. Also does this if you fast travel to another area. So, if you want the machine to be empty when you leave to start a session, it has to be picked up off the floor.

Yup. Can be a little annoying sometimes, but since the loot recovery system is supposed to (I haven’t tested this) remove the oldest items to replace with new items it at least doesn’t get full and unable to accept new things.

I always figured this was Gearbox’s way of saying Yes yes yes, we know y’all have been complaining about legendary drops being missed, going through the floor so they fixed it so you can’t get rid of something without a deliberate conscious effort.

Unless you accidentally drop something out of your inventory… Then it’s gone for good unless you notice before doing anything else at all.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an item from the lost loot machine go through the Sanctuary floor, but… :point_down:

The Sanctuary floors have been particularly hazardous for me when I drop a class mod from my inventory. I’ve watched in horror too many times as they disappeared through the floor. Every time I think I’ve found a safe place to exchange gear with mules, it happens again.

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This is a little bit off topic and not a permanent solution but looking up or down actually has an impact on the trajectory of dropped items.

In all past titles my best friend and I always used to look slightly up towards the sky, this way instead of dropping to the floor weapons will pretty much be thrown into your face and you just have to spam pickup. Like I said not a real solution but way better than nothing although you should stand a little bit away or the items will go right through you faster than you can act.

Speaking solely for myself I find it quite helpful that the LLM picks things back up. I actually use this to my advantage by letting items I want for a specific character lying on the ground but often I still open it with the wrong character purely out of habit.

But thanks to the LLM picking it back up I can just quit and open it again with the right character without having to go through the hassle of switching gear in and out of my full stash.

About the only place I’ve felt safe dropping things in Sanctuary/BL3 has been on the table right beside the LLM - never had anything go missing from there.

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Some Mysteriouslier curiosities:

  • During the missions, the day/night cycle is arrested in all four of the new maps. Despite this, time always keeps flowing (according to Moze’s watch/photo mode), except for Eschaton Row (where it’s locked at 23.58). While this is not new (we already saw it in the Bounty of Blood prologue), the weird thing is that, on Promethea, it usually turns dark only when the sun’s light is blocked by the passage of a large asteroid. Despite it being dark in Eschaton Row, the sun is perfectly visible in the sky:

Furthermore (from my experience) once the missions are completed, the day/night cycle and time flow works normally in Enoch’s Grove, but the sky’s always the same in Scryer’s Crypt and it’s always night in Karass Canyon (also, as @pjwrox reported, I’ve never seen the Firehawk symbol in its skybox, at least on PS4). In Eschaton Row, time stays locked even after the quest; the skybox also doesn’t gradually change, but it’s reddish instead of dark.

  • At the beginning of the fourth and final mission, Ava says “We’ve been finding these symbols on every crime scene”, while actually the only eridian symbol we can find is the one under the corpse of the first victim.

  • Was I the only one let down by the fact that nothing happens if you pick up all of Francis’ pieces after Claptrap asks you to? :sweat:

  • The first leg of Francis you find is almost digested to the bone, but Ava claims it’s “in crimson armor”. The last piece of Francis dropped by a skag is actually a leg wrapped in some cloth and a boot, although it looks like the leg of a Maliwan trooper.

  • Hidden asset reuse in Enoch’s Grove:

It’s not that unusual of a thing, but I found it interesting that they wanted to slightly mask it.

  • The Seer, just like Scourge, survived the fight. After you apparently killed it, an eridian wisp spawns and floats away. Also, it never actually told Ava that she’d find what she was seeking. Insert unbearable joke about how we need a Cut for the Cut here

No, I was bummed about that too. :frowning:


I’m still in denial on that. I convince myself I’ve missed some bit or piece, there has to be a payoff!


The 100 crystals thing in the main has one, albeit minimum, so I really don’t see why they didn’t do it this time.

The level 1 white pistol you find when you first arrive on that crime scene is also weird, I don’t really know what to make of that either.


I tried it out (and it did nothing, as you would expect) - was disappointed. Next time I’ll probably get it and mount on the wall, after all a legit L1 anointed thing is somewhat cool.