[Spoilers] Borderlands 3 random things

First time I saw this because the phase orb is almost always blocking your view but when you recall your Phaseflare, one of Amara‘s phase arms will actually erupt out of the ground and punch it back your way.


Does anybody have a clue what this is about? In over 1000h I have never seen that.

2.0 seconds what?

Also the two Vault Cards have different key designs (atleast in the VC menu counter), VC1 uses a purple one sided key and VC2 has a double sided bright colored key.


Looks like German, so possibly their shorthand for Second Wind???

And yes, the keys are designed to match the card. It’s a nice touch.


Yes it‘s german but a Second Wind would be Neue Stärke, which showed like always. This was after getting 2 Seconds Winds almost immidiately after another but the message for those showed up just fine, this came up a few seconds after the last Second Wind.

Maybe it is a text bug of some sorts where it mixed English and German but Second Wind is not written as 2econd Wind is it? So why would it show 2.0 seconds?


I’m not even sure of that since there are no English words in that either. For kicks I put it in google translate to see what language it auto-detected and it went for Danish, and when translating to english the only change it made was to make “Sek” become “Sec”.


I think this may have been mentioned, but the bulletin board in the hunting hut at the very end of the second Mysteriouslier pod cast quest has some fun stuff on the walls. First off, a bunch of old Earth newspaper clippings?

Then pinned over the top, various very obviously Pandoran post-it notes linked together like a crime scene:


So it’s definitely canon: Jack is STILL dead!

And now you know.


Wow. Amazing how much detail goes into the level design.

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That’s what happens when you give creative types free reign to produce resources - they get creative!


I just realized this while watching Moxsy‘s video about this weeks black market.

While interacting with the machine your echo device will display one of these small 8bit animations featuring Maurice, or atleast a Saurien!

  • In Tazendeer Ruins, you can see a blinking red light in the sky, moving on a set course. What is it supposed to be?

I looked into it and it turns out the red light comes from the Typhon Deleon memorial quest (Fire in the sky). Not sure why it is there but see the video for its origins.

Decription of video: First load, memorial rocket is not fired allas no red light. Second load, memorial rocket had been fired previously and allas we do see the red light (always spawns on the same position). In the last clip we see the red light appear shortly after the rocket explodes.

btw, I used an ‘unlock camera’ mod to fly over to the red light.


The coaches(sofas, chesterfields) all look the same in all BL games. OK, not that exciting, but it’s late.


Been sitting on this for a bit:

Tyreen explains that they were going to leech more Vault monsters but didn’t need to once Troy got Maya’s powers and they could just use Eridium when you return from Konrad’s hold.

It that point they reveal that Elpis is the key, but begs the question of how they were going to move it without the ability to Phaselock it?

Tyreen starts off with a purple phase blast of sorts (used to block Lilith’s and later to charge Troy), and the absorption orbs that she uses to redirect energy against Lilith and Typhon. She uses what looks like telekinesis to swirl boulders of debris before sending it flying at the heros in the Great Vault, and those couldn’t have been Maya’s powers.

So as much as I ok with the lore (not so much the characterizations) the actual continuity of the story and action is broken and makes me curious about the drafts of the story and of there were versions where these seeming oversights were because of major changes to key mechanics of the plot, like how the Vault is opened etc.?


The only rationalization I can come up with is that if Tyreen had enough power, she woudn’t have needed to move Elpis at all. The fact that Troy could do that, locking it in to position and bringing it closer (if that’s what’s actually going on there) meant they could accelerate their progress.

Although it’s really not clear what the Twins are doing in that whole scene. Troy seems to be the one actually manipulating Elpis/the master key, but he’s doing it through Tyreen in a way that is both draining and apparently painful, with a risk of death for Tyreen?

I get the impression that just maybe this part of the story wasn’t all that well thought through. Which could have been because it was meant to pan out differently, perhaps within a slightly longer game that would have made more of the rivalry hinted at starting with Troy’s monologue in Jakob’s Manor, but stuff got cut/rewritten to meet deadlines?


And I still don’t understand what happened to all the people and critters on Elpis. There was no indication that Elpis was abandoned after the Pre Sequel, so there should be a bunch of folks up there.
Even worse when Lilith enshrouded the place.

So what’s going on up there? Are they in a special state of being at this point? Do they not know what happened? Can they leave/arrive?

Too many questions about Elpis.


My understanding from what Tannis says to answer Lilith’s question of how they are still powering the moon with their Eridium supply cut off was that Troy was siphoning power from Tyreen to replace the Eridium.

Here’s why that makes some sense:

At the onset Lilith Bamfed like Nightcrawler but got drained until she got a nugget of eridium. After time to recover and a little Eridium she was able to Phase away the Cult of the Eternal Flame’s sacrifices.

Lilith took on a small but substantial amount of Eridium to phase Sanctuary 1. After that she was able to accurately transport us unlike in Frostburn Canyon where she whiffed. This happened in Command Core Angel.

Lilith was then pumped with Eridium to charge the Vault Key by Jack which should have boosted her powers. As a result Lilith was then powerful enough that her Phase Powers allowed her to Phase as many people as possible from Sanctuary during Hector’s invasion.

Lilith the absorbed all Earl’s eridium, and Vaporized Sanctuary and Hector. That power boost was five ot seven years before BL3, but her new Flameburst Phasewalk seemed to be s result of all this boosting. It was at this stage that Tyreen absorbed her power, so Tyreen was able to Phasewalk like made with the combination of both their power levels, along with any power she had from Bandits, and any Vault Monsters they fought along the way, plus eridium tier donations. So she had power to spare.

When Maya first uses Eridium to unlock the chamber on Athenus she literal says, ”I feel like I could Phaselock a moon." After getting the boost. After Troy leeches her and consumes eridium he does just that.

The Logic of Elpis as a a key fits with our existing understanding that Earth’s gravity is directly influenced by the moon’s proximity. It follows that moving Elpis closer to Pandora would have this same effect, like a electro-magnetic lock.

So, sans eridium Troy was able to leech Tyreen + Lilith + The Rampager’s power, and countless bandits, swirling through her veins to continue to charge his boosted phaselock that was shifting the moon.

Which means they could have restarted the flow of Eridium and had Ava push it back. :upside_down_face:

Also, Elpis, per the discreption of Phasewalk in Borderlands one manuals, is either trapped in another dimension, or in a region of space far enough away from Pandora to keep the gravitation from destroying it or it being used as a key ever again, making it the ideal place to lock away the leech powers again, forever, with Lilith, or maybe the Vault of the Traveler the only way to access it.


That’s the most complete explanation I’ve seen yet - thanks!

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Again an excellent observation :+1:

Just my 2 cents:

Isn‘t it just her “regular” Phaswalk, seeing as in BL1 she had Phoenix and access to fire artifacts? Setting things on fire while being invisible was certainly possible during gameplay. Though, nevertheless her powers have increased enormously.

Although thinking about it, she didn‘t had a fire Phasewalk while helping you cleaning her hideout in Frostburn Canyon… weird seeing as she has her wings from Phoenix up at other moments…

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On of the key moments to reference would be here Borderlands 2 Walkthrough - Part 31 - Optional Mission: Cult Following: The Enkindling - YouTube

She phases in with her blue Bamf, and then after she’s in she puts up the Phoenix Wings and the pillar of fire. And after that the reward is the Flame of the Firehawk Shield, which makes it seem like that effect was less her Siren Power, and more her gear at the time, even if that wasn’t the case. The next time she teleports into a situation, it’s in Command Core Angel, and the Firehawk effects where MIA Borderlands 2 - Control Core Angel Boss Fight and Cutscene - YouTube

At the start of Fight For Sanctuary after all the main game power boosting, it’s still the purple Bamf… BORDERLANDS 2: Fight for Sanctuary DLC All Cutscenes (Game Movie) - YouTube
BORDERLANDS 2: Fight for Sanctuary DLC All Cutscenes (Game Movie) - YouTube
and even after that final power boost BORDERLANDS 2: Fight for Sanctuary DLC All Cutscenes (Game Movie) - YouTube

Now to be fair you could blame it on the graphical upgrades made in the new Unreal Engine for next gen.

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I only have one quibble with your excellent scholarship;
You are referring to Lilith’s enter/emerge phase walk as a “bamf”.
A bamf is a directed attack, something a character does willfully and with intention and aim. Lilith creates a blast when she does her phase walk thing, a non-direction, non-guided elemental/phase damage characteristic. She doesn’t guide it, though (as in the battle in the FireHawk lair) she does use it tactically " I’ll see if I can’t phaseblast a few of 'em for ya", but her own uncertainty about whether the phase blast will kill anyone demonstrates that it’s an somewhat random blast. A bamf would have more certainty and intent.

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I demand a post sequel!!!

Seriously I would love to see the story head back to Elpis.

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