(SPOILERS) DLC 6 Discussion Thread

What are everyone’s thoughts on the new DLC/Update after the first few hours of release? Here are my first takes. SPOILERS AHEAD

• Avas Murder Mystery Quests
Firstly I’ll start with Avas Murder Mystery side quest chain which was much lengthier than I thought it would be. The Promethea quest in Eschaton Row has an amazing murder mystery ambiance and feel to it. Alongside the awesome music this was a very strong start to the story. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum we have the Eden-6 quest in Enochs Grave. This portion feels very uninspired and the location was much to similar in comparison to everywhere else in Eden-6. This was the weakest part of the story in my opinion. Thirdly we had the Pandora quest on Karass Canyon which has some cool areas, a bunkers and badasses reference, and a NPC named Beef. Sounds like a good time to me. Lastly we have the Nekrotafeyo quest on Scryers Crypt and HOLY HECK!!! The mission itself was relatively slow paced but boy oh boy the amount of lore we got had me on the edge of my seat. The mission finishes on a crazy cliffhanger with the implication that Lilith is somehow still alive which made my jaw drop all together. Overall this portion of the DLC was really fun and the only downside to it is that 3 of the 4 new locations have literally no reason to return to them as there is only one boss you can farm which is located on Nekrotafeyo. (Side note - Avas character surprisingly wasn’t that bad throughout the DLC)

• Hemovorous The Invincible
Pretty fun raid boss, seeing Vermi return as a mini boss alongside Hermi is a welcome surprise as well. The new gear and loot is decent so far. I’ve completed about 15 runs and have only found a new sniper which I’m enjoying, a grenade that seems to be meh, and tons of new allegiance artifacts that seem to be niche pieces of gear I’ll probably never use + these artifacts seem to drop way to often. Otherwise drop rates for everything else seem to be pretty low across the board. Overall it’s a fun but somewhat easy fight that adds to the end game which is always a good thing.

• Vault Cards
They take a while to level up but if you’re looking for a reason to grind Borderlands this’ll be one of your main reasons to come back and play at least one or twice a week.

• Maurice’s Black Market Machine & Crazy Earls Reroll Machine
Two amazing additions to the game. 250 eridium might be a little pricey for the Reroll Machine considering how many useless annointments are in the game but I don’t see it as a major issue as it beats out farming perfect gear with the perfect anointment.

I’ve still been unable to test the Diamond Armory on Sanctuary III or find any of the new Class Mods so I’ve yet to form an opinion on that. I also don’t have much to say about the new loot in general as I haven’t really tested any of it in depth.

My overall impression is that this DLC is one of the best Borderlands content drops in a long time. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I thought DLC 4 and 5 were poorly designed and I missed the feeling of a good story being told or the fact that we ended on that insane cliffhanger but I haven’t felt this much excitement towards a Borderlands game in well over a year and if you’re on the fence about buying this DLC I certainly think it’s worth the money.

Everyone else feel free to drop their first impressions after completing the DLC!!


World drops seem to have been nerfed a lot, so the gameplay has been shifted from “drop as many legendaries as possible and hope for a good combination” to “hunt for a legendary with good stats, farm for eridium and reroll bad anointments” which I appreciate, because with the addition of challenges I will tend to roam the game more and visit less legendary rewarding places.

Raid boss is fun but costs too much eridium for the drops I’ve seen so far.

Ava’s quests seem fun, still haven’t finished them tho.


I definitely agree. Based on the drops I’ve seen so far 500 eridium seems way to overpriced for a single encounter.


How do you access vault cards or the behind the scenes stuff?

Did you solo the raid boss?

Hermi needs a giant buff or at least a scaled 4 player fight. She is way too easy. Increase her attack rate, triple her health, I don’t really care lol. If people want an easy raid go fight maliwan takedown.

They should also buff her loot pool, include a bunch of good legendaries like Mayhem 6+ guns and some other meta weapons. I want to see a giant lootsplosion when a raid boss is killed.

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This game cannot be made more difficult. Player survivability is way too high, even on characters with no lifesteal as it revolves around life gate, rapid recovery of health and super long FFYL timers, from which it’s easy to recover. If they lower survivability the whole game has to be rebalanced so the boss is ok as it is. After all we’ve been farming for more than a year and our gear and knowledge of the game are top notch. If you get in a new player’s shoes, who doesn’t read the forums and plays casually, the boss is pretty hard as it is.


I haven‘t even started Ava‘s murder mystery yet.

But I have one thing to say:

How the ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ is that awesome beautiful Maya burial scene not in the game!

It is everything we missed from the main game and by extension DLC 4. Ava having character development, her aknowledging that disobeying Maya played a part in her death, a proper farewell for Maya, the music, Krieg, Tannis and Lilith actually having thoughtful dialogue instead of the mess it is when you return from the Vault of the Rampager, Lilith even admitting her part in what happened in Control Core Angel.

I can only dream how awesome BL3 would have turned out if everything in the base game would have been on this level :sleepy:


I don’t own Director’s Cut, is there anything on Vaughn/Aurelia? o:

With the world drop nerf, Hermi could have been a really good oportunity to introduce back Seraph gear. But killing it was fun.

Ava questline has Head Hunter vibes but would be better if each map had it own boss like the HH ones.

The new farm meta is ok, even better imo. If I get a good combination of parts/elements I can stash the gun to reroll the anoint. Gun Gun and Gold Chest have use now too.
Less legendaries feels like BL2. But without quest itens farming, thanks God.


Did anyone notice the paper from honolulu with an FDR headline and the Seattle Police dept accident report?

That scene is lovely and should have been part of the base game. My guess to why it was cut, probably didn’t want a 4+ minute cutscene.


Maps from the Ava DLC are cool. The whole podcast theme is cool, reminds me the freshness of something like the Headhunters were for example, Wam Bam Island had similar murder mistery.
Maps are very cool looking, VERY crowded with enemies ( good.) and it feels nice playing through the missions. Even Ava feels good to me, it’s a decent character. Before I didn’t minded her too much, but in this DLC idk, she feels more enjoyable. Good DLC. The final boss is what I would have wanted the Guardian Takedown to have.

Hemovorous and her buddy are a good challenge. Managed to beat it with all the VH.
Zane was easy with a clone build, a bit hard with a Cryo sentinel MNTIS build.
Moze of course did pretty good, I used a mindsweeper and a flipper right into the crit.
Urad Fl4k was not the easiest, also because I was using a pearl so no ASS stop gap, but eventually I got it first try with him too.
Amara. Man. Why is this boss so susceptible to indiscriminate and complex root? I couldn’t manage to replicate the fast kills I’m getting on Amara even with Zane’s Eraser or Moze massive firepower. Well I didn’t expect that at least. Final judgment on the raids : good, very cool assigned lootpool, challenging battle.

Still have to try all the new arms race drops, i really looks forward for that launcher. My unwave the rainbow Amara lover a good bagronk, but a legendary one? Mmmhh…


The Ava mistery quests are surprisingly really good for the most part and probably the best part of the DLC, since it added new gear/weapons/classmod alongside a good (but slightly beefy) boss in the last one and hinted at the future of Borderlands 4, with the guardians as a potential threat. While I do think there are a bit too many waves of enemies, my guess is they did it so that you would not finish this DLC in a short amount of time, but the content itself it’s nice. Honorable mention to the music, Promethea and Nekrotefayo’s themes in particular.

The Raid Boss Hemovorous is probably the spongiest boss in the game, but he feels fair. Is basically a better designed, tuned up version of Vermi from BL2 (which also accompanies him, nice bonus), so decent, but in my opinion not on par with Wotan, Anathema or Scourge. The loot is fine, Company Man artifact is amazing if you get a good roll, although the guns are nowhere near the Arms Race legendaries or Mayhem 6 exclusives. Maybe they could lower the eridium price a little bit.

The Vault Card system is better than I expected. You have daily and weekly challenges and the card doesn’t expire, we knew that already, but what I wasn’t expecting is that you can safely ignore those objectives if you don’t want to deal with them and just farm or do whatever you want to get EXP and level up your Vault Card to get keys that unlocks those cosmetics. This system was better than expected.

The Cut Content is interesting, the one that catched my eye the most was Maya’s funeral scene. Let’s be real, this should’ve been in the game and it’s probably the best written scene in BL3. I don’t know why they would decide to skip this and cut both the actors and writer’s best performances, but that’s on Gearbox, not me. But overall, yeah, nice bonus.

Overall, the content of the Season Pass 2 is satisfactory IMO. The skins are sick, Arms Race is a nice sideactivity/idea (even if a bit lacking), the 4th Skill trees are pretty fun (besides FL4K and some of Moze’s redundant purple skills), the behind the scenes material is interesting, the Raid boss it’s a nice challenge/endgame activity, the Vault Cards is a cool addition for making players come back everyday/week and we have 2 more to come alongside this DLC, so it’s good.

My only problem with this Year 2 content is that it’s a bit too overpriced. If it was 20 dollars, I feel it would’ve been a great price and I would highly recommend it, but at 30 dollars without a sale…it’s hard. You can buy great, whole games with that price, so it’s difficult to say. The cosmetics pricing (if you get it alone) it’s also pretty insane, although I don’t know if 10 bucks for a body model is normal since I usually don’t buy cosmetics in games like Fortnite or stuff like that.


Overall I’m lovin’ this new stuff.

Hemovorous is a good fight and having Vermi in there tagging along makes things chaotic at times (obviously the best strategy is to concentrate on one of them first). I’ve gotten nothing but allegiance relics from them so far (but not a Maliwan one yet, I do plan on using that one with my main Amara who is very Maliwan-centric.) I’m of the opinion they could drop maybe one or two more pieces of legendary gear, but I’m still gonna keep going back to fight them.

I love the Vault Card stuff, really cool addition to the game. I’m a sucker for unlocking stuff. It’s cool that it’s something that will never be finished, you can keep rolling diamond keys forever.

I too was a little surprised at the Ava mission chain. I was expecting something more akin to something like the Clan War mission chain from BL2, just a humorous side-story with no real consequence. But that lore-rich plot twist made me stay up way too late last night so I could finish it. :smiley: The last boss is no joke either, easily could have been a third boss in the Guardian takedown. I fought it again this morning and it dropped a couple new pieces of gear that I haven’t tried yet (a Jakobs sniper and a Maliwan pistol.)

Maurice’s machine is cool but it’s a total needle in a haystack if you go looking for it on your own (I cheated this first week and looked it up since I just wanted to check it out :smiley: ) It can appear anywhere on any base game map apparently (I was thinking it would just show up next to the usual duo of ammo and health vendors that are always around.) But I guess the whole point is that finding the location each week would basically be crowdsourced and the intent is that someone out there would find it and share the info.


since i plan to never buy this
and since is saw the whole story is like 1 hour and 30 minutes if you are slow, its nothing for me either way
the stuff i saw from youtube ( i did watch this thing) was… not rly changing my mind on ava. to me shes still annoying and kinda awkward to deal with.

the fact vermi APARENTLY cant be spawned in through varkid evolving outside of this one bossfight is basically to me a, he aint back.

vermi would be back to me if he would return to the general game aswell but is tough as nails to farm. with some nice reward specific to him, but that aint the case either.

eridium costs are waaaaaay to high. so another reason to not bother. and i sat on 10k eridium, now its down to like what 4k? after rerolling 3 pieces of gear.

the vaultcards offer the most basic quests ever wih bloated asf numbers
kill 300 enemies with corrosiv kills? yeah bro nah im out.

the cut content / cutscenes like mayas funeral, this is propably the biggest middle finger in this entire thing.
this dlc in total shows the utter incompetence of gbx in its fullest

every problem this game has in one dlc.
short story, worthless enemies, bloated numbers to somehow make you play longer then you should. and with this patch not fixing the legendary or farming issue, just shifting the problems into multiple different ways

this dlc to me when just viewed archives nothing, it helps nothing, and it only shows what a better bl3 could have been if gbx actually cared.

i honestly would say this dlc from all its PRESENT content is on par with a headhunter pack, maybe one of the good ones like son of crawmerax or something like that.
and as with dlc 5 the other content is what i expect as free content.
no excuses are allowed either, as the base game is a broken mess and fixing that should be a given.
not just the broken tech, but the broken story, lore and content issues aswell.

Why come on the forum and trash the DLC when you’ve never even tried it?:joy: Some people just like to hate for fun man I swear


i have watched this ‘’ dlc ‘’ on youtube,
there is no way in hell i buy this thing

Have only done some of the new stuff but so far:
Did the Promethea Ava story. Liked the map and the combat. Story was ok for me but I felt let down at the end with no fight.

Vault card dailies were fun but I got the 300 corrosive kills weekly which sucked. Just me, I hate to have to tear apart and rebuild one of my tunes for something like this. After learning it only gives a little more XP, I wouldn’t do again. The virtual chest system is different. My first use of it netted me a Bloodwing statue room decoration. It appears to only unlock it and at a cost of 2 keys I have not yet redeemed it. I don’t know if it will just give it to me since I rolled it on a chest opening or if it will deduct 2 keys from me. Used 5 keys to get the Jakobs sniper and discovered that the item can be re-rolled (for 5 more keys) to get different parts, I kind of like that. Was happy with the build of the one I got, except there is no anointment, like all the weapon , shield, etc. on the card.

So far I’ve had no issues with the patch. The lower WD rates are fine. It actually makes a drop feel more like a legendary rather than just bling. I haven’t done any farming since the patch so I just hope they didn’t also adjust the dedicated drops. That would suck.

Anointment Re-Rolls, the RNG gods were not smiling on me for this one. 39 rolls and ended up settling for an anoint that was a little better than I started with and not one of the ones I wanted. Considering how long it takes to farm 10k E, I’ll probably opt for farming the item for a better anoint. Time wise it’s probably a push, but farming is more interesting than pushing a button.


Ava quests are very good except the last one too long and boring fights with a lot of obnoxious visual effects.

Raid boss is ok but not really that interesting, killed it with the free try and I don’t think I will do it again many times.

Vault cards is a cool addition that keep you playing.

Overall a nice dlc if you can get the discounted season pass 2.

NB: Black market and reroll machine are part of the base game not dlc.

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I enjoyed the murder mystery missions. Got a few new legendary items.

Tried to solo the raid boss and failed. So will do that another day with a bigger party.

I like the level up system with the chests. Got a few cool things.

Idk how i got a diamond key, but it was a good selection in the wall. There was plenty of time to look at the items and choose the one from the wall.

Other than this, i havent seen the other new stuff. But i guess i have to save up on a lot of eridium.