(SPOILERS) DLC 6 Discussion Thread

iv completed the murder mystries quite enjoyed them but im confused about the new vault card xp reward system as iv got to lvl 5 so far but havnt recieved any keys apart from when i first got to lvl one and got to open one chest since then iv lvled four times and havnt recieved any keys yet every youtube vid iv seen where people are at lvl 7 or ten they have 7 or 10 keys indicating they get one key each time they lvl up so why havnt i recived any keys am i doing something seriously wrong or just having bad luck anybody got any ideas ??

Each time you level up you get a Chest to open, so if you are not opening it you wont receive the Keys. But Keys are not the only reward, as I got also Eridium and the cosmetics sometimes.

i havnt had the chests appear to open them like i did on the first occassion so how do i open something that does not appear i know there is the icon showing the location on the map in sanctuary where the diamond chest is supposed to be but you cant actualy see it or theres a secret way to get too it as its right at the entrance just before the "bridge of the ship lol

its ok i just seen that iv got 3 chests to open using the square button on the ps4 remote think i need new glasses lmao

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Has anyone seen an anointed item on the card? I got the Jakobs sniper Bird of Prey and like it, but I sure wish it had an anointment. Would be badass if it did.

For some reason, the first time you get a weapon from the card, it isn’t annointed. If you spend five more keys on the same item, it will be annointed. Weird.


I agree with most the comments on this thread, the Murder Mystery stories were great fun. I loved seeing more of Lorelei and Clay, very happy they were part of this. The missions were fun, I agree Eden 6 was the least inspired of them all. The Eschaton row map was impressive. The Seer fight was annoying, took way too long to beat the boss. Seer was more of a bullet sponge for me than Hemavorous.

I agree, the vault card key system was very confusing. I couldn’t tell the difference between the vault keys used to unlock vault card rewards and the diamond key. Their small icons look identical, these need to be more distinct. I also noticed that the vault cards have multiple status values, like “locked”, “claimed”, and “unlocked”. I couldn’t tell the difference between claimed and unlocked, it was hard to tell at first if I had earned the reward or if I had simply “unlocked” it to the point that now I just needed to spend keys to “claim” it. Figured it out, but not intuitive.

I like the new drop rates. As I played through I thought “this feels more like BL2. loot seems more valuable now. orange is exciting again”.

The diamond vault is great fun, I’ve only received 1 key but it was exciting. There is plenty of time to browse. I didn’t get many purples or blues…if I did they were either shields or grenade mods which is fine. The oranges were high quality…ie, not a bunch of Ducs or Wagon Wheels. I saw DLC guns and raid boss guns, very happy with that.

Still haven’t found a black market machine, I’m resisting the urge to look up the location online so I can organically find one.

Overall, I’m quite happy with how this release turned out. Still perplexed about why the Maya funeral wasn’t included in the original game. Hopefully Gearbox will get some better testers for BL4 that can give them honest feedback about what players will think of the story.


It’s all pure luck what you get as a reward. I didn’t get any vault keys for the first 5 levels. I happened to get a diamond key after level 2. Was very confused about how the diamond keys and vault keys were different, figured it out eventually.

After playing with Hermiverous and friends mostly, I tried the Ava missions.
Just did the first one, and not bad, at lest it’s new story and areas.

One thing I did not notice is lower legendary rates. In this first mission I got 8 leg. world drops from various enemies, about what I saw previously. This is on M-11. So I don’t notice it yet.

The legendary rate reduction is a hotfix, so if you loaded in quickly it may not have taken effect.

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Yup. I always wait for the Hotfix sign, so that wasn’t it.
Going through the next 2 Ava missions did NOT have many legs., so it must have been an anomaly.

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I enjoyed this DLC and patch content. What stood out positively:

  1. Ava’s Mystery mission dialogues suprisingly weren’t cringey. Zane, as usual, got the best lines.

  2. Some very nice new gear. My Amara is very happy with new CM and the Free Radical pistol.

  3. New char skins are awesome. I think this is the first time new VH skins were liked across the board. Previously Fl4k and Moze would get the short end of the stick when it came to new heads and stuff.

  4. The raid boss is respawnable without having to reload the map or the session.

  5. I’m really liking the vault cards and daily/weekly challenges. It scratches the progressionist itch.

  6. I like the world drop nerf. Finally I can see what’s going on in the slaughtershaft. Before the enemies were like Raptors in tall grass.

IMO, the game is now in best place it has been since pre m2.0 change. The one thing I would like to see more of is more slaughter areas. The game could benefit from more end game and coop-oriented replayable activities.


Sooo, rerolling it on the card gives you a new weapon with a different build, but also with an anoint? If they wanted the cost of a weapon to be 10 keys they should have just set it there and added an anointment, rather than making us buy a non-anointed version and rerolling to get a second anointed version. Makes no sense to me.

Yeah, no one understands why they did it that way. Rather bizarre.

Anyone got exclusive Guns from the Diamond Key? Just rolled a P2P Networker, seems like a Nebula stat wise lol

Edit: the elements are Shock and “Gun Team Plz Fix Mode Name” that deals non elemental damage. Doesnt seems to do anything else.

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Loot lemon says that it cannot be obtained legitametly. Until now, it seems. Thanks for sharing.

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So the DLC isn’t about Ava being murdered? What a shame.