[SPOILERS]Game breaking bug - XB1X & PS4

This video shows it best:


Happens on xbox one x(my console) too. Cant progress because of it.

If you dont feel like watching the video, for whatever reason, this is the katagawa jr boss fight. Where zer0 is being accused of being a traitor.

When katagawa jr reaches approximately 20 to 25% health left he goes invisible and stops moving. You cant kill him. He continuously regains health and shield. Whilst remaining in one spot on the map.


I have had the same thing happen several times over on ps4 its kinda ■■■■■■ 3 play through now and he glitched on two of them more then once on the most recent glitching 3 times so i had to rekill him 3 times just to progress… So best thing i found to do is either kill yourself and respawn which restarts the boss fight or quit game. They need to be working on bugs like this more then nerfing characters.

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