[SPOILERS] High-res BL3 image messages

The high-resolution image “Masterpiece of Mayhem”, released on September 10th, has two messages in morse code at both sides of the holy psycho (or whatever psycho Jesus is called) at the very top of the image.

The left one (.-- … . .-. . … … - … . …-. … .-. … - … …- -. - . .-. …–…) says:

Where is the first hunter?

The right one (.-- … — … … - … . -… . … - .-. — -.-- . .-. …–…) says:

Who is the Destroyer?

I reckon we might find out what it means pretty soon, possibly during the main storyline of the game, specially because it wasn’t really a properly hidden message (more like a shiny bait thrown at us). Anyway, does anyone have any interesting ideas or theories around it?


thanks for the post i wasnt aware of the morse code thingy !

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With the story progressing as it has…I am tempted to say one of the DLC’s could very well be some kind of flashback story regarding Typhon. He is very prominent in the main story line with all the logs and dead drops.

I just hope we get a DLC that deals with Sanctuary 2 and why we don’t discuss it. As well as another Bunkers and Badasses Hosted by Tina.

Sanctuary 2 was the flying sanctuary City. The commander Lilith dlc explains it all.

I played through that DLC 3 separate times and never caught that. I always took Sanctuary (grounded or flying) in BL2 as just Sanctuary, the one and only.

Well, I posted here a little bit before the launch date. That’s why I had no idea of Typhon’s existence.
I honestly thought the whole “first hunter” thing would be connected to the Calypsos somehow but that was just crazy guess before playing the game.
As for the second question, I think it still stands, specially because it uses the pronoun “who” (opposed to “what”, which I suppose would sound more natural). Being the first of its kind to appear in the series, maybe there’s a special reason for the choice of words and that’s what they want us to pay attention to.

In any case, I personally think the cryptic messages on various media give a cool depth to the game, like a second layer that goes beyond the game per se, that makes us get more involved with the BL lore and the development of the story being told.