[SPOILERS] Honoring the Fallen

Alright. Big BIG spoilers for anyone who hasn’t completed the game. I’ll try to use the spoiler tag for anything, but I’ve never used it in forums before so who knows if I’ll type it right on my first try!

By now, pretty much everyone knows about Maya’s death.

I don’t want to complain or talk anymore about how it didn’t make sense for the character or how disappointing it was. Honestly I’ve spent too many sad boi hours on it already.

But I did want to raise the topic that I really hope in DLC/future content, we get a proper way to mourn/honor those we lost.

I really felt Maya’s death was rushed over and we didn’t have any time to acknowledge her loss within the storyline.

Compared to the way that Roland’s death was handled in BL2, I really feel this is disappointing. I may have been okay with the poor writing in the way the death happened if at least we had some kind of side quest to set up a memorial or something.

Hell, Roland gets his own named location in BL3 complete with a huge statue of him covered in signatures and nice remarks from our favorite characters. Dragon’s Keep ended up being hugely emotional and so successful because of how it explored Tina’s ability to cope with the loss of Roland. I mean, and also because of D&D, but that’s a separate topic.

Does anyone else feel the same way? Do you think we will see an effort to honor our fallen favorite characters?

More than anything, I’m afraid that because Lilith is “gone,” she is going to get all the memorials etc in DLC, and Maya is just going to get left behind. But since Ava was close to her and she’s in charge, maybe we’ll see her do something right to honor Maya? And I’m not talking about like a gun trinket or something stupid again. I’m talking like at least a couple side missions or a special location or—heck—it’s own DLC (but I know that’s wishful thinking).

What is everyone else’s thoughts on this?


Madness & Mayhem In Memory Of Maya - 1st official Borderlands 3 DLC

prays atheistically


Ugh YES I would LOVE to see something like that! Especially with my boy Krieg making an appearance!

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Yasssss Krieg is my fave-o friendo!

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I would be so down for that. All those echo logs with him trying to become sane the next time he sees her would be a waste of a good setup for them to reunite, if she actually is dead for good.

Opening cinematic has Krieg hearing about the news and going batshit, but his inner voice prevails and gets him to settle down, and seek out the crimson raiders to avenge Maya. Since troy is already dead, might just be accepting his quests to destroy remaining COV compounds, and any stations broadcasting Maya’s death still.

Ava/tannis have been studying maya’s grimoire and find some way to contact or bring back dead sirens, maybe requiring magic from a vault or some ■■■■ we need to get to. Krieg agrees to help out with these objectives that ultimately end with reviving her or bringing her back temporary as a force ghost, at least long enough for sane Krieg to fully come out to express how he’s felt about her since BL2. Not letting Krieg have his closure by getting to talk to her as his sane self would be ■■■■■■ for his arc too, he deserves better :frowning:



Love it, love it, love it.

Now, the real question:

Krieg as playable character or Krieg as just the central mission giver and person we follow through the DLC?

They already confirmed no DLC hunters, so he would just need to be a quest giver that jumps into the occasional fight

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I’m still in denial about them saying that.

I’m really, really hoping change their mind and give us a couple new characters!

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Yeah it would be nice, but given their new track record with not being able tie in past characters, I’m a bit okay with them not making new characters just for them to casually abandon like they did with most of BL2’s VHs

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Madness & Mayhem in Valentine Revival of Maya



Sadly, and this may sound callous, I won’t care if they get abandoned, forgotten, killed off, or underused in a theoretical future title…I want characters to play UNTIL that title comes out!

Pray pray pray

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I found his voice recording in BL3! It was a great surprise

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Yes!! I super hope we can at least get some closure for Krieg and for Maya. Listening to all the ECHO logs makes me suuuper sad. Both of them really had an actual character arc, so it would really suck to have it cut short and never resolved!

Also super bummed about the no DLC character announcement myself. Gaige was my first playthrough character so I feel like the DLC characters always hold a special place in my heart. I get what they’re saying about having trouble writing them in, so I’m not super mad… I’m just not HUGELY in love with any of these vault hunters, so would have been excited to see Fiona or someone show up as a DLC vault hunter or something.


I guess I had never thought about “writing them in”.

I guess I had just thought of them as characters for the sake of characters to play whose backstory didn’t REALLY matter.

Like, couldn’t they always just say, “Oh, it’s another mysterious and powerful Vault Hunter! Hailing from Parts Unknown! Here to…er…hunt vaults!”

In the end, we’re just going to go kill a million things with them!

Hello all. I’m going to post a link here to my original post that has both good and bad posts about this topic. At the bottom is also a link to an initiative to get Gearbox’s attention about this particular thing and more. Story Writing, Continuity, Story Direction, Spoilers

Eh, screw Lilith, I’ve always strongly disliked her character. Flying up into the moon in one of the most lamest endings to a video game I’ve ever watched/experienced in the past 20 years was befitting for her.

Maya will probably get some DLC-homage, but it won’t have the same impact as Roland’s death did in BL2, because that was actually good writing.

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Except for the fact that he should have been wearing a shield.

Even a simple, level 1, white shield.


Or passed by the new-u station.

Well, Jack could have wiped his New-U backup.

But Roland was a soldier.

He’d have had at least body armour, if not a shield.