[spoilers, I guess] Light switch puzzle bloodshot stronghold

…I got all greens but 🤦 nothing happened. Most YT vids show Eridium showering down or other cool stuff. For me, Flinter dies ignominiously. No loot, no secret door, no challenge banner. Nothing.

Every reddit post smugly hinted at “good things” and/or “it’s worth your time”, and every YT vid says I should have gotten something. Okay, fine the posts ands vids might be at least 9 yrs old but I thought info like this stays relevant?

Nope. Nada. What’s supposed to happen?

Lighting those all green should just spawn Flinter, and his loot rolls on a kill will be whatever they may be… don’t believe they do anything else.

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Thanks for confirming. That sucks but good to know I did everything right and didn’t miss a loot chess or anything, just bad luck on my roll.

Yep, just gets you another rat that doesn’t (for me) ever drop anything good.
I stopped after like the 15th time through there when it sunk in that it was just a trivial kill with no good loot.

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Lol, thanks for confirming that, too! I was debating on trying again and maybe I’ll get lucky. I’ve asked on other forums and pretty much got the same answer as well.

(it’s an old game, honestly didn’t think anyone would answer so I tried to cover all my bases :weary:)

You’ll get answers here. There are still a good number of us who still regularly play Borderlands 2 (and One) and visit here multiple times a day (like me :wink: )who will share whatever we know. Cuz we’re Borderlands Nerds.

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Thank you, I’m so glad there still people who love this game. I’ve replayed 2, pre-sequal and Tales every year around this time, w/o fail.

My love affair with this series outlasted, and got me through, two relationships. :relieved: