Spoilers: Lore- Timeline of vault huntering

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How long has vault hunting been around?
<NOTE: All ages used in this are based on 2019 human standard, I understand that in the BL universe this may have changed and extended.>
BL3 gave us some more definite clues to the timeline of Vault Hunting.
During the unskippable intro video for BL3 Marcus shares that he heard tales of V.H.'s when he “was just a little Marcus boy”, with a graphic that shows him being, say, 7-10 years old.
And now Marcus has an apparent (based on appearance) age of, say, 50-65.
So he heard tales of V.H.'s let’s say 45 years before the events of BL3.
Now, we know that Typhoon DeLeon, the first V.H., left home at 16 to begin that journey. So we’ll place him at 70 years old, to account for his early travels before he actually started hunting for a vault specifically, and for the notion of vault hunting to become popular enough in the popular culture for Marcus to be told of them as a child.
We do not know when Atlas took over the vault and started creating eridium tech weapons, but it can certainly fall in that 40 year time window.

So vault hunting was a thing for, say, 30 years prior to the events of BL1.
The questions that fall out of this then are;

  • In 40 years, how many vaults were hunted?
  • Who else besides Typhoon was a famous V.H.?
  • Why did the Corporations leave vault hunting to individuals?
  • If it’s been 40-50 years that V. hunting has been a thing, why so few V.H.'s? I would expect to see many more NPC V.H.'s interacting with our fine fellows.

And others that I’m not going to think about right now cuz she showed up early and I’ma go eat dinner.

The way I look at is, we can view the number of Vault Hunters in one of 2 ways:

  1. There are so few Official Vault Hunters because it’s a “career choice” with a very low survival rate. Across the galaxy, there’s probably been countless Vault Hunter Wannabes that died quick, horrible deaths. How many ended up as DINNER for a bandit or a skag? :worried:

  2. Every character that every player playing any of the games creates is another unique Vault Hunter. So, throughout the galaxy, there’s been MILLIONS! :wink::+1:

Take your pick which one you prefer. :wink::+1:

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I like it.

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problem is character like moze, axton, roland, are not exactly unique, ex soldiers. roland and axton are somewhat interchangeable, sure their turrets are different, but would you really have been happy with another character that had a scorpio turret. not to mention axton would feel way under powered because of that.