[SPOILERS] Nothing left to bury!


]Was killing her necessary Gearbox ? Cmon , Enough ,this is breaking me. Ok so she had to die ( NOPE SHE DIDNT ) why did you have to biologically dissolve her out of existence ? and that look of agony she had. Love the game but IMO you writers are ruining the franchise.

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Not the first time I’ve suggested this, but I’m hoping that letting her die by dusting opens up the better possibility of bringing her back through some future siren/vault magic in a Ava/Krieg DLC or a BL4 quest line, where reanimating a dead corpse 6 feet under is much less plausible.

Yea that would be great! at least a force ghost.

There’s not just ash, you also loot a neat little trinket from her smoldering remains that you could dangle from your gun.


At least it wasn’t a character anyone cares about.


I have never been that emotionally tied to any of the Vault Hunters. Character wise from all of the games Tina is my favorite character. But I like your idea of a Ava/Kreig based DLC/Story line. It makes sense to pair them together at this point. I hope they have something in the works.

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Sadly I have to agree. Vault Hunters can’t really get too much backstory as playable characters, when they appear in the next game as NPC’s we’re pretty much meeting them for the first time.
I liked Maya from my years spent with her, but I really didn’t care too much for her. They didn’t give me a reason to, we just call her in for backup then watch her die a couple missions later. Roland’s death was actually better, somehow, because we actually got to see his relationship with Lilith/brick/tannis/etc and actually feel bad for those characters because they seemed genuinely upset over his death. A stark contrast to “it’s war people die,” briefly muttered by the one character that doesn’t care about anyone.

I think the general frustration of Maya’s death isn’t that she was a super major part of the plot. The fact that BL3 doesnt give us much reasons to care about her is what is frustrating about the story. For them to take a well liked character, build on her potential to be an important role, then say “lol sike, how about Ava?” is why her death is so bizarre and disliked

Not to mention the problem of player interaction.
I mean, aren’t we under the impression that Flak, Moze, Amara, and Zane were just standing there completely still watching as the Calypso’s bounce around the room taunting Maya and Ava? Then do absolutely nothing as a fight starts to break out, only moving when the cutscene finally ends.
The same problem comes up in the cutscene after the Troy fight. Tyreen is boasting about having finally killed us, yet she only actually attacked the NPC’s. It leaves me with the image of tyreen bragging about killing me to me

Maya’s death is really the only one explainable by them messing up the cutscene trigger. The game goes out of the way to tell you they need to be in private, that we should take our time in the vault, and Tannis notifies us that Echo doesn’t work in the vault. If the trigger happened on our way to the vault exit, it would make perfect sense

This link here is to the rest of a similar thread I posted. Please go take a look and leave your thoughts. I agree with everything here but at the bottom I put a link to an initiative to get Gearbox’s attention about this specific thing. Story Writing, Continuity, Story Direction, Spoilers