[Spoilers] Siren Speculation & Questions

So there’s several things about Sirens that I’m pondering and I thought I’d share to see if anyone knows more about them or has any interesting theories.

We know there can only be 6 of them. Handsome Jack somehow knew that in BL2 - I remember an ECHO log (I think?) where he was berating bounty hunters for trying to pass off a tattooed/painted female corpse as Maya and he mentioned this. I presume he researched them because of Angel, but did we ever learn any more about his info and where he got it from?

So at the beginning of BL3, we know there are the following Sirens alive:
Tyreen & Troy

I’m counting Tyreen & Troy as one Siren. I don’t know if that’s correct, but since they were conjoined at birth and have the same power, that’s my theory.

They all seem to have a different power too, as follows:
Phasewalk - Lilith
Phaseslam - Amara
Phaselock - Maya, then Ava
Phaseshift - Tannis (previously Angel)
Phasedrain - what I’m calling Tyreen & Troy’s power (unless someone knows an official name for it?). It also seems to be the power that Nyriad (from the Eridian writings) had, as one of the writings says she killed a billion(!) Eridians(?) to power the machine.

Based on that and my theory that Tyreen/Troy are one Siren, there’s another Siren bobbing around somewhere with an as yet unknown power. Does anyone know anything about this Siren and/or their power? I haven’t found anything in-game and I take the time to look for/listen to extra ECHO logs, etc.

One thing that we learn from the Eridian writings is that Sirens can choose to pass on their powers to a specific person on their death or to let them pass to an unknown person. This brings up a few things:
~Did Angel choose Tannis as her heir or did the powers just pass to her?
~It seems Maya knew about this (possibly from the Book of the Storms?) and chose Ava as her heir, which explains how she knew that Ava would be a Siren one day.
~I doubt that Tyreen/Troy chose an heir, as I don’t think they ever expected to die after their ascension to God-hood. Regardless, now there’s an unknown person wandering around with the Phasedrain power.
~If Lilith is dead (which I don’t personally think she is, see below), who got her power?
~If each Siren has a different power, then Tannis only became a Siren after the Main story in BL2 (i.e. after Angel died).

Personally, I don’t think Lilith is dead. There are 3 reasons for this:
~Her Firehawk symbol on Elpis. Kind of like writing “Lilith was here” on it, as Firehawk is/was Lilith’s title, not the name of her Siren power.
~In Lilith’s room on Sanctuary, there’s an Eridian artifact. Either it or a similar one showed up earlier in the story (I can’t remember when, sorry) and showed the location of either one of the Vaults or one of the Vault key fragments (again, can’t remember exactly, sorry). When you activate it in Lilith’s room, instead of showing a Vault symbol, it shows the Firehawk symbol - almost like a map with an X on it.
~Ava’s comment that “she’s showing the way” after Lilith stops the Great Vault from opening implies she’s still around.

Speculation time! This is what I think could be in the future:
~They’re saving the 6th Siren & her power for the next game. Considering the long history of Siren-hunting, she’s probably hiding out somewhere. I have no clue what her power is, but there’s some cool possibilities. I think she’ll be drawn to the other Sirens, along with whoever got the Phasedrain power based on another Eridian writing (Braid) where Nyriad talks about the Sirens being drawn together.
~You’re going to “follow” Lilith somewhere. I think this could be to the true Eridian homeworld, based on the Eridian writing titled “Side By Side” where Nyriad says the Eridian term for “homeworld” also means “first landing” and she never asked them about it. This seems a bit bigger than some DLC, but I think it could be started there. It could also be tied into a war - maybe you’re fighting for/over the true Eridian homeworld with the Fallen Guardians? Several of the Eridian writings forshadow them becoming completely sentient & turning on their “masters”.
~We’ll definitely learn more about the Sirens’ origins & purpose

What do you think? Did I miss anything or get anything wrong? What do you think will happen with the Sirens?

We know that Steele was a Siren, but we don’t know(?) what her power looks like. So it’s already six Sirens.
Regarding Lilith, I’m pretty sure she is dead. I will be very disapointed if she is still alive, but based on how bad writing is in BL3, everything (more ■■■■■■■■/crap) is possible.


Amara is called phasetrance, tyreen/troy is phaseleech.

Anoyher siren in the comics can talk and tame beast from what i read.

As a maya main, it still hurts. Why is she not wearing a legendary coms, a nurse com will d or a rebounding warder might reflect those damages and instakill troy. :sob::sob:


@GrzesPL Steele died in BL1, so she’s not included in the list for the start of BL3. Her powers would have been inherited by someone else when she died, which could have been Amara. This article https://www.gamespot.com/articles/borderlands-3-gameplay-reveal-event-the-sirens-are/1100-6466592/ confirms that Lilith, Maya, and Amara are the 3 we know about at the beginning of BL3. Tannis is the 4th, having inherited Angel’s power. Tyreen/Troy is the 5th (and maybe 6th, but I doubt it).

I found the reference to Phasetrance, thanks @nat_zero_six but I can’t find an official source for Phase leech. The name makes sense though.

I know, but her power would be sixth, and I doubt it’s Amara’s.
Also, Troy is not a Siren so still one to go.

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There was a 2k China Borderlands mmo that got cancelled. There was a siren as the main character not sure of her name. She had the ability to shoot out a fire pheonix.

You can find more info on it by searching Borderlands mmo. Not sure how cannon the game would of been. I just thought it might be worth mentioning.

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