(SPOILERS) Transaction-Packed

Hello all,

So, my first playthrough, I didn’t even know this quest existed, found it leveling up my new character (Moze).

I have to say, this quest pretty much hits the nail on the head, and at first I didn’t really read the quest, but now that I really looked at it, I was like “oooooh That makes sense…”

The best part about this quest was when I actually collected all the 100 orbs to proceed, and the dialogue that followed afterwards saying, “oh… I guess you REALLY didn’t want to buy that…” I almost died laughing, because I sort of expected something of that sort to happen, but man…

I mean it’s kind of Ironic in a way too, due to how Gearbox/2K/Epic Games runs, and develops their games to begin with, which is all the more laughable.

Hopefully with Borderlands 3, they just stick to DLC expansions. I almost wonder if the person who developed this mission tried to do it in secret, to show just how greedy companies can be.

Anyways, that all being said, loved that mission. Also, why can’t the Story Missions be as awesome as the Side Quests? It’s almost like they took people who didn’t really care, made a boring story, and took a small team of underpaid employee’s, and said “See what you can work with, with this much budget”. The sad part is, as I said, the Side Missions are much better than the story.


This mission was funny but at the same time a bit tiresome but parody is a highly subjective type of humor :stuck_out_tongue:.

Now I was a Battleborn player and I was among the hardcore fans. It hurt pretty bad when they went back on the promise of no Microtransactions. They were only cosmetics but still my team if 5 felt lied to and it is part of what stopped 2 of them from playing all together. I myself took a break because I was not in support of this. What was even worse is that this was launched in to the game before any of the DLC content from the games 30$ season pass launched and it was still months after before we got any of the said DLC. This farther damaged the player base as people felt like the game was toast and the DLC was not going to get made unless we paid for skins. Regardless of what they say they will or will not do with BL3 I remain cautious listening to what Randy Pitchford and they devs say about how the game will monetized. Luckily Battleborn did get all the promised DLC out even with the dwindling player counts. I expect it would be much harder for them to get away with this kind of stuff in Borderlands with it being such a popular franchise.