[Spoilers] Troy calypso gender

sorry but one question: how tory can be tyreen parasitic twin if he is male, when the parasitic twin
only presents in idealtical twins who had always the same sex.

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Put a small spoiler tag in your title xD


sorry its my 1st time and i dont know how

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Maybe he’s trans?


I thought the same thing, then waved my hand and said “siren magic.”


What we understand to be scientifically possible doesn’t always agree with Borderlands.


It is possible for identical twins to be different genders. it is infinitely rare though. Most get misdiagnosed as fraternal. Due to the incredibly low odds, genetic testing isn’t standard & still very expensive.


No matter what Troy’s gender are, Troy is on top of my hitlist. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


lol same


I am enjoying my amara gameplay finishing all side missions and all and exploring fully the map before moving on.

But now, i will rush through the story just to hunt that down, am i closer I just met the fluffy toy?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t Sirens always have to be female? Or am I thinking of something else where there’s a limited number in the universe and the recipient is always female?

And what we understand to be scientific in Borderlands doesn’t always agree with Borderlands…


I feel like people are looking into this way too hard. It’s a fictional game… Troy is a guy Tyreen is a girl because that’s what the game goes by.


No matter what Troy’s gender are, Troy is on top of my hitlist. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I haven’t hit the end of the game yet…but I seriously hope that when the battle comes with the Twins…its not a cheap death…their death needs to be slow, agonizing, and very painful.

I’m still wondering what Troy meant when Lilith saw his tattoos early on.
“Runs in the family.”

You wouldn’t say a trait runs in the family if your sibling has it, you say that if one of your progenitors had it.

The game is very sparse with any and all information about Leda, you don’t ever see her or hear her or anything. It’s all secondhand info from Typhon. Right now I assume Leda was a siren and her powers passed to Troy/Tyreen at birth. Leda seemed like some sort of big deal, she was intelligent and knew a lot about Eridian tech, y’follow me?


typhon says he is a boy and he is a reliable source because he most likely changed their diapers as kids


in the eridian writings this is proven to be false about troy and tys mom being a siren

in the eridian writings this is proven to be false as the one who left them was a siren with the phaseleech power and sealed herself away and her power, also being the 7th siren, until typhon and his wife opened it giving ty and troy the power.

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Post op trans.

Conjoined twins are from a single zygote that splits enough to grow into two people, but not enough to be physically separate.

Its “possible” that the sex of one of them (tyreen) could fail to express. This would mean that both Troy and Tyreen are genetically male. This is problematic given the requirement that Sirens be female, which strikes me as a genetic issue not an expression of sex or gender.

Its also “possible” that troy and tyreen are fraternal twins that became connected. This is a little far fetched- zygotes implanting so close together and all. And wouldn’t really explain well why troy has tatoos or powers. Siren space magic is crap writing.

Whats likely happening is someone at gearbox is a little clueless about the realities of conjoined twins and thought, “wouldnt it be cool if…”

The conjoining also makes little sense physically. Conjoined twins generally have a symmetry to how they connect. Troy should have been missing his left arm and Tyreen her right. Then Troy’s tatoos could have been mirrored and on his right arm.

Too bad.

Again, post op trans.

Although, the arm thing always bothered me.

Like where they connected at the shoulder?

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