[SPOILERS] You know who you should bring back Gearbox in BL3's story


Seriously, her death was BEYOND pointless, unnecessary and it didn’t make a lick of sense. Yes i get it, you’re supposed to feel some type of attachment for the characters and hate the twins even more, which i only found annoying (and their deaths were pretty tame compare to the atrocities they did, they just fell over asleep lol…)

But her getting turned to dust makes NO sense while Lilith was fine after getting her powers sucked? why? that’s writing inconsistencies, especially since she’s a vault hunter…you know, can get resurrection from New-U stations? I’m not the only one who thinks so either:

Maya’s death felt kind of weird to me because it seemed to mirror Lilith’s scene where her powers were stolen by the twins almost exactly, and yet this time she’s fully disintegrated while Lilith wasn’t because…? It felt a little unfair that she died while Lilith’s life is spared like five times over in the course of the game for plot armor reasons alone. In the end, I think it worked, but again, Tyreen and Troy are still more annoying than menacing and this didn’t really change that.

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Getting her powers removed is fine, having them transfer to Ava, fine i guess, though no one likes her…but bring her back in one shape or another, two missions in and she dies…really? Terrible! It honestly soured my entire rest of my game…i didn’t have that in any of the other Borderlands games…think that speaks for itself in quality writing, don’t you think? :rage:


While I agree that Maya’s death was far too soon/quick, and that they should’ve at least given her more screen time, there was one key difference between what happened with Lilith and what happened with Maya. Lilith got her powers succed away by Tyreen, who is the ‘true’ Siren, while Maya got hers succed by Troy, who is just a Siren parasite. He likely has much less control over his parasitic nature, and can only do that with Sirens, while his sister has some form of resistances to his succ power, due to being connected at birth and them effectively sharing in the Siren abilities, even if only slightly.

Now as for the New U stations, those are only there for gameplay purposes, and don’t actually exist in the lore, otherwise you’d literally never have been able to kill off Handsome Jack, considering how he’s the CEO of Hyperion, and all the New U stations on Helios/Pandora are ran by Hyperion, so yeah.

I’m not trying to defend the course the game’s story took, as I have my own problems with it, and do agree with you in some respects, but it does make sense, to me at least.


I know how you feel. If she’s not brought back in the DLC’s I’m not playing the game anymore.


yeah gameplay purposes guess New-U does make sense unless everyone would just come back, ahh well…still a piss off moment, even if Troy can melt people and that was his way of absorbing…

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I’m actually just flummoxed about what the HELL we were doing as player characters the whole time? Did we just watch all that go down and not intervene? Does travelling through the little portal take 10 minutes? THAT to me is the writing that removes any sort of agency and just confuses the hell out of me, tearing me away from what was an emotional moment.

Like, literally all they had to do was have Tyreen phaselock me at the beginning of that scene and I would’ve been fine.


you do have a legit point there! No player interactions gives off an odd sense of dissociation


About that… In a story where a major character (and a beloved one) dies it’s suposed to have an effect. For example : In BL2 we allready knew that at the end we’ll blow Handsome Jack’s head off. But it was after his sadistic murder of Bloodwing and execution of Roland that made us hate him and determined us to stop him. Also we had time to grow on Roland (sorry Bloodwing), in a way we gotten to know him (his akward interactions with Lilith, the reunion with Brick…).
Also notice the atmosphere betwen the games when the death’s happened. In BL2 the main story missions became more melancholic and the amount of silly jokes droped noticably. Hell, Jack was such a threat that Mordecai still fell’t Roland’s death should be told the people who know him. You can hear the sadnes from those who knew him (exept Tannis, but she’s more sociopathic robot than human). People cared.
Compare this to BL3, everyone who knew her was on the bridge and what did we get?
Ellie reminiscing good old days with her, Moxxi braking into tear’s, Lilith bursting with rage? No.
We get a half-assed “it’s war people die” speech from Tannis!? TANNIS!? That’s like Norman Bates telling you “people die naked in showers, covered with stab wound’s every day” when a stabed body is found in the shower!
It lack’s emotional impact. A story has to elicit one, without it the writer wasnt doing his job.


The npc response baffled me as well. Not even zer0 seemed to actually care one of his friends just died


I agree maya shouldn’t have died I thought she and krieg were gonna have some sort of valentine dlc after finding his echoes only for her to die shortly after I found them. So pointless and wasted potential. Didn’t seem like they put any thought into it. I hope they give a way for us to bring her back in a dlc using siren powers or something idk


Not happening, considering her powers are now owned by someone with Lilith-level plot armor.


Yeah but she’s doesn’t have to come back with siren powers she could just be “normal” like Lilith was idk just sucks especially since I wanted to see her and krieg together


I am going give a vague suggestion about a the idea: is separate map with a vault with Tina and Ava task in finding a vault and the DLC ends with the revival of maya without her powers and Roland but the power of vault collapsing and you have to escape.

The reason I chose the two is I chose the two is their strong connection to dead character Roland and Maya

More of ability to alter my room


agreed! Pull a Obi Wan Jedi ghosts after death

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More like undo the dusted from Avenger Movie


or that! which i’m sure that’s what it was referencing towards

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I’d really like a dlc with krieg trying to bring her back. Tannis figuring out how and Ava helping. like the sirens and past sirens are all connected but lillith stays with Roland idk I’m grasping at straws here :rofl:


Its really weird to play through as the Siren and have all this siren nonsense going on and not once is it a big deal… Amara is right there! Tyreen just ignores her. Its silly.

I think the direction they took with Sirens was completely wrong. We over looked it in 2 because the story is so well written, but Gearbox really wrote themselves into a narrative corner. Its a shame.


I honestly think that Lilith Should’ve died instead of Maya, and Maya should’ve lead the plot of Borderlands 3 instead. We didn’t get enough of Maya and Ava, and to me it made Ava’s reactions towards Lilith feel cheap - and even the ending when Ava goes sicko mode with her new siren powers that she never trained with before.


Remember, the vaults and the tech they contain are pretty much the ultimate deus ex machina for the series. For all we know there could be a vault out there with a bonafide time machine. Imagine if it only has one use, though. Do you save Maya? Do you save Roland? Do you kill Handsome Jack as a baby? Plus all the usual time traveling tropes could get pretty funny with the BL writing style.


“Hyperion! We can always bring you back, no questions! Unless you died in a cutscene.”

And as for the difference in Maya’s death and Lilith losing her powers, Troy clearly stops Tyreen before she’s finished because he needs a recharge, then Troy insists that Tyreen leave Lilith to the bandits that were showing up. In other words Troy interrupted Tyreen before she could turn Lilith to dust like Maya.

Just saying. I hated Maya’s death too. I felt it was poor writing but it wasn’t inconsistent like you think, and I doubt they’ll bring her back.