[SPOILERS] You know who you should bring back Gearbox in BL3's story

Personally I think that Maya’s character is still has a purpose.

  1. She could teach and/or guide Ava
  2. She can help Tannic to study more about sirens
  3. She still can be a good vault hunter (plus she can team up with Krieg)
    As for returning her to life or recreating her… we already bring one character back from the dead in side quest so technically it’s possible.
    I clearly can see the DLC where Ava seeking redemption and trying return/resurrect/recreate her teacher. It will make Ava a more lovable character and return Maya at the same time. I see this as a win-win situation.
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From my POV after playing, it feels like GBX made a none choice regarding Maya’s ultimate fate. I remember them saying that they planned on making a DLC to develop Ava, however, I believe that they changed course. (likely due to constant backlash)

DLC four was the result of both GBX studios working together. But overall it feels rushed like it was done over a very short time. While it does give a claptasic voyage vibe, I wouldn’t say that it had much of the TTAODK in it. There was no real send-off from what I saw, no final goodbye like we got with Roland.

If you get a chance I would suggest looking up eruptionfang on youtube. he does some really well-done videos on BL.

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