[SPOILERS] You know who you should bring back Gearbox in BL3's story

If echo recordings are all I can get then I will take them. But no, I meant in real time echo-net responses and occasionally in person.

You never know they could have him return as a robot. The credit slides may have hinted at that.

Still don’t know what the directors cut is going to be. I don’t know if it will fare any better then DLC 4 or arms race. But I could be wrong, maybe they’ll pull that lucky skag foot and get a winner. Or as gambler suggests, they may pull a disney/starwars retcon instead.

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Let just hope they find away to bring back Maya to live in that cut, becuase i missed her form her awful death.

At this point, we don’t even know what the director’s cut will be. Until we hear more, all we can do is speculate.

If the director’s cut does add anything to the main game, my guess would be to try and convince the audience that Ava is better then she was shown up until now. However, I don’t see many buying into that. If they do anything for Maya, I hope they either send her off well or bring her back entirely.

IMO DLC4 was GBX taking the safest route, leaving her in a possible limbo. It gives off the impression of a stalling act. Now they have until summer 2021 to change things. Will it improve the game overall is up for debate.

As always this is just my opinion.

I’m wondering if they decided to completely get rid of her, and, knowing the situation with her and Ava, why don’t the developers just say that she won’t come back, she won’t come back, her wires went out in 4 DLS unsuccessful, my opinion is to nobody at the expense of DLS I do not impose

Your right, why didn’t they say that? Are they planning to make us happy by bring her back some how in game or dlc?

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IIBPO, I see two possible situations.

  1. They originally planned to send Maya off, and have Ava take the lead down the road. However, the back lash left them in a no win situation. Ava is all but a lost cause now. Leaving either a massive rewrite of the main story, or a possible retcon down the road.
  2. They never planned to kill Maya off in a true sense. Having her soul remain in some form.

I would say that situation one is the likely culprit. Fourteen months in, and they haven’t done much to change opinions of that story. If they do push too much, they run a high risk of fans losing interest in the franchise. That’s not something I believe gearbox can risk.

As always that is just my opinion though.


I heard from acquaintances that GearBox, like no other game company, has always met the fans halfway, so I hoped that they would again listen to the fans about Maya. Will the retcon be like a remake in the future?

I somehow remembered the cartoon Kung Fu Panda 3, where the characters could travel to the spirit world and back, on the basis of this I created my own prototype of the plot about this, where my character returns Maya according to the book of Niriada, initially I liked the crossover more

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That’ll be interesting and awesome.

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That is something I couldn’t answer. All of my posts are just my opinion from what information I can gather. When I see how the fans and GBX have reacted to one another, I can usually develop a theory or two.

With how things are now, I doubt a full remake will ever happen. DLC 4 gives the impression that they either rushed it out or a great deal of stuff for that Maya story was cut (likely because it was assuming the backlash wasn’t this bad.) What I find to be even sadder is the team that wrote DLC1 wrote DLC4, plus they had both studios working on DLC4.

At best, I would say they will either develop ava off-screen, hoping they can change opinions. Or they will find a way to have Maya present without doing a full resurrection. (ghost, spirit) What’s even sadder here is they have essentially written a way to bring her back, but likely won’t do it. (Clone body, and using tannis’s tech remove her from Kreig’s mind and into a new body.) But this would greatly affect Ava’s hypothetical development.

Just my opinion though.


Merry Christmas, everyone

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Merry Xmas.


Happy New Year

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Happy new year.

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With the hypothetical leak of DLC6, I have to wonder where this franchise’s future is going. The big war is all they really have left, but the setup isn’t there.

If the info is accurate, there will be three pieces to it.

The main story appears to be a murder mystery starring Ava (either leading the investigation or victim, I don’t know) where we VH go to four different planets (very likely places we have already been.)

The second seems to be a series of behind the scene work. Cut story moments, “Lost” cinematic previews, manufacturer videos, art, etc. (Likely will end on YouTube down the road.)

And the final appears to be a search for Vault symbols. If the rewards are good, this could be interesting.

IMBPO, I don’t know how well this DLC will fare if it’s true. GBX will be losing Battleborn this month, and Rage of Rain 2 and Godfall seem like mixed bags. (Personal opinion from what I have seen so far)

If this is their attempt at trying to salvage Ava and the main story, I’m disappointed. I really hope they don’t use this cut content bit to try and say (this is what we intended but couldn’t do)

Personally, I would still prefer Maya’s resurrection, but will that ever happen is another thing altogether.

As always, this is just my opinion on the current situation.

I hope that is not true! It’ll ruin for me! For what toxic fans did to me! Sorry…i just missed he, and I even cry about her…why woundlnt listen to me…

Please be the latter.

Also, getting back to the title of the post (who they should bring back), please bring back Handsome Jack. Best villain ever. And his loaders, casino, new U stations, and who knows what else are operational, so why not Jack himself?

Hmm, and maybe surprise return of Maya

That too! I’m hoping that in BL4, if there is one, we will be able to play any of the VH’s from the BL1 - BL3 series, including Maya. Yes, I know that many of the VHs will be senior citizens at that point, but this is not reality…it’s a game :slight_smile:

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