[SPOILERS] You know who you should bring back Gearbox in BL3's story

Looking at other media like star wars, I wonder if GBX will follow a similar path. IMO many are backtracking after the failures to make money. Maya definitely sells better than Ava ever will. (it’s a reality that they will have to face at some point.

Just my opinion though

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not long ago I was convinced that many sites and forums do not like to talk about Maya’s return, but one person told me about a certain temporary custodian that will appear in the upcoming DLS, I do not know if this is true or not, but he hinted that he can change history, including with Maya.

Are you referring to the timekeeper from Nyriad’s writings?

It seems like yes.

While it’s not out of the realm of possibility, you have to remember that the timekeeper is just one possible guardian referenced once.

Another possibility that I have seen hints at Maya’s soul fusing with the siren’s powers that Ava now has. In DLC 4, the idea is expanded on more by Maya, imprinting onto an echo recorder she gave to Krieg. (just like angel did) It’s also possible that she instinctively imprinted it onto her book when she died.

Some will say that the Maya we meet in DLC4 is just Kreig’s mind, manifesting a memory of what he sees Maya. But some of the dialogue makes me question that. She talks about things I don’t think Krieg would know.

But that is just my opinion.


yes, there is, however, don’t you think that Maya’s behavior is a little strange? Well, maybe it is she herself in the mind of Krieg, but she sees some kind of indifference to her own fate.

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She does seem off compared to the others. More self-aware?

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Well, she’s not like the others, but what do you mean?

I remember one of her lines being something along the lines of “seeing as we’re talking, he must have got it.” a few of her lines are about things I don’t believe Krieg would know.

The other lines seem to focus on Kreig himself or are of attempts what I can only assume Kreig thinks they would say.

Borderlands 3 DLC Psycho Krieg : Full conversation with Krieg, Lilith, Maya, Brick and Mordecai - YouTube

I could be wrong though.

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The phrase “I hope Ava is doing well” was also heard, although Krieg might have known about Ava.


True, but I don’t think Krieg would have known about the lodge or Mancubus Bloodtooth. Or that Maya cut Ava’s training short.

Though I could be wrong. I’m using what was said the the Mayas last message to Krieg as a base.

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Director cut has released today.

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Do you know what it will be about?


A raid boss
A chain of side quests with ava (ava’s murder mystery)
vault cards that give you daily and weekly challenges to earn stuff
some bonus content showing preproduction stuff including deleted animatics.

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Got it, I just thought it was a plot addition


The Ava quest does foreshadow, and if you don’t plan on buying it, it’s already on YouTube.

I would give this a read to.

Just my opinion though

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It was very hard for me to read this, then SPOILER. [spoiler]This scene does not make her death for me personally any easier to accept, even if it were built into the game, my personal opinion about her death did not change, I think she did not need to be removed


Don’t blame you, killing a character off to make your villains more of a threat IMV shows that your villains are not that compelling, to begin with.

What bothers me about this interview is if they want us to move on from Maya why say “This is all to say that, for Sirens, death might be a little more complicated.” this feels like they are stringing us along.

Just my opinion though.

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Perhaps this is a hint that the Siren may exist in the form of some kind of spiritual entity, but this is my guess. But why should I say another question, I also did not like the fact that her death was planned even before the start of development, as I understand it. But according to the plot, it was possible not to kill her, but to take away her strength, but that’s another story.

Mayas, The ascendant head in BL2 kind of fits with that idea.

Yeah, that plot point really doesn’t help. I find killing a strong protagonist to make a weak antagonist look strong is a big gamble that doesn’t often pay off. When it’s made to look like dump luck, and for shock and awe, it’s even worse.

But that is just may opinion from what I saw.

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