[SPOILERS] You know who you should bring back Gearbox in BL3's story

I totally agree! By the way, what do you think of this petition for Maya’s return? It seems to me that there was not much sense from him that year, I followed him every day, many do not even know about it and it is not known whether the developers know about her

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Will, I really want her back to life. But I have a theory. What if these cuts were there to fix all the problems, in designers cut, they bought in Salvador and Atxon, in director’s cut, they try to reedem Ava, and I heard that there will be two more on scheduled and will come out on late 2021. What if one of these cuts will bring Maya back to life?

You’re right, they would’ve gone better with her, and she’s my favorite female character of all time, not even a joke.

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This late in the game, I doubt it would make gearbox change anything. After the pre-release of the Maya funeral, I’ve seen many people thinking about a petition to add that scene into the game. The problem would be that it would change most of the dialogue regarding Lilith, Ava, and Tannis. No more than undoing Maya’s death altogether. It’s retconning without admitting it.

My theory is that the funeral scene was added to soften the blow they knew they were going to take. The timing and content line up too well to have been planned out then have to cut. It fixes so many complaints the community had. If you look back at how RV, RP, and other team members reacted to the backlash, I found it hard to believe that they wouldn’t know what the reaction would be. It was either denial or they knew, not a good thing either way.

Just my opinion though

Remember that the other DLC-like pieces of content coming later this year are just Vault cards. Stuff you can unlock by doing daily and weekly challenges. (Gun decorations and skins.)

I see. But even if that’s true, I never give up because I know there’s still hope, beside, you don’t know what could happen next. I even post comments of bring her back to life in Twitter and I try my best to not listen to the other fans who called me names just because I stand up to Maya and wanting her resurrected.

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You never know, I don’t want to give you false hope, but the interview I posted says something about “for sirens death is a little more complicated.” whether this is for Lilith or Maya, I really can’t say. (very last sentence)

I personally believe they are in damage control right now. Even when I see the funeral scene (which is good), I have a hard time believing that they are surprised they got the reaction that they did, if this was the original plan. The BL show interviews contradict it heavily. Hinting at poor communication across the board.

I have to wonder how far that scene got before they axed it. Compared to other animations I show in the behind-the-scenes features, it feels too on the nose fixing complaints. Other scenes are using placeholder voices. (I know they had the VA for Lilith/Tannis, Elle and Ava come back and dub this. But again, it feels too much like damage control rather than a genuine cut.)

Just my opinion, though.


I see, but you don’t know me. I have to go though so much pain as I keep remembering Maya’s scream and death as it hunts me in my dreams. That and I really liking her, I want to them to bring back Maya, to make everyone who likes her happy again and to save Borderlands and Maya.

I heard from one person that this animation was made not so long ago, that is, after the release of the game, the reason is to reassure the fans to send it, as in 4 DLS this attempt failed.

That’s one of the theories going around. The timing of its release (one day before the DLC6 release) and what was said during that scene conveniently fixes many complaints people had about Lilith, Tannis, Maya, and Ava. Plus, looking at the other animations from behind the scenes, most of them use placeholder voices. Maya’s funeral uses the actual VA for full emotional effect.

IMO if you look back and what RV and RP said during the earlier Bl shows and how their stream team reacts, I personally find it harder to believe that they cut this scene and were shocked at how the community reacted. (they either knew how things were going to happen, or they didn’t. It doesn’t help them either way. One possibility would be they knew they were going to take a hit, and chose to do the cut content approach to save face.

Just my opinion, though.

Honestly it’s all bullsh*t. These interns Gearbox decided would be writers had zero compromise with continuity and they didn’t understand their own community.


Ava’s MM doesn’t help much. Slogging through a let’s play, it looks like they are trying to hide bad story flow, showing that a guardian was manipulating things the whole main story.

While the animatic was nice, it’s not canon unless said otherwise.

What pisses me off the most is it sounds like Maya’s sole reason for being killed off was to make the twins more threatening. (It didn’t work IMO)


Just saw this, Eruptionfang is spot on again.

I still believe that the animatic and VA were added later for damage control through


Well, I know in cutscnene of Borderlands 3, no vault Hunter is founded in cutscene, after all they did and they saved the world, they didn’t appear in cutscene, only ncps appears and maybe one of rest why because thst is because no one can save Maya, so I hope if there’s a cut, I hope we can finally resurrected Maya.

I saw this also and he is spot on . This still falls on the writers who had no idea what they were doing I don’t even know where this ava came from and this cut scene does look and feel like it was made for the fans . Watch and see if they don’t double down on ava in their minds she a success and we’re just a bunch blind fool who don’t see the future.

I sense retconning on the horizon. (hints of it in Ava’s MM)

Just my opinion though

New U stations are Game not Story afaik

Sorry was that at me? (Just confused who your replying to)

I’m talking more about the actual story during Ava’s MM. Some of it feels like retconning to me.

They just didn’t give a crap , odds are they never played the game or know Jack about the fans they didn’t care then now their running around throwing anything and everything against the wall to make ava look good . The devs destroyed the game with mayhem 2.0 and the writers destroyed the game with the death of Maya. Good work guys ! If anybody needs a team to destroy something these are your guys .

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IIBPH, GBX will have to make some tough choices in the future. When it comes to any series, my personal view is the longer it goes on, the less forgiving the fans will be.

The longest going or best franchises out there have always stuck to the core. If that changes, it’s effortless to spot.

What makes to scratch my head is the last line used in the interview (for a siren, death is more complicated)

Are they taking about Lilith, Maya, the twins?

That tuber eruptionfang said it best but he’s cutting the writers some slack I don’t believe they deserve, I believe that toon they made at the last minute was to try and cover their butts .

There is no redemption for Ava and I expect them to double down on ava as if that will make us accept her as the future of borderlands.

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