Spoken lines issue

Is there an ETA for a fix to the issue with spoken lines not formatting in the appropriate manner? Most of this applies to HW1 Remastered.

For example, in Mission 4, when the Bentusi signature is detected, the game should be exiting the sensors manager before the line “Full combat alert, standby for contact” is said (it’s also said as a completely different entry, rather than part of the previous line), but it’s currently said in the sensors manager, so it sounds off.

It’s the same for the Bentusi’s lines in that particular mission, where it’s just a big massive wall of text with no visible “new line here” entered to break it up into separate sentences. It shouldn’t be too difficult to fix this imo.

There’s several other lines that are like this, such as the Khar-Selim’s recording (which just looks stupid with random dashes to indicate new parts of the recording), so hopefully these can be fixed somewhat.


Bump @thisquietreverie @BitVenom. Not sure who would be involved in fixing this particular issue, but tagging ya both just in case you can pass this on. :slight_smile: