Sponsored By: Maliwan 25% elemental buff will cancel critical hits

For a while until now I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why my critical hits were not being counted towards BAR challenges. They would count, then not count. I couldn’t figure out why. Thought it was a couple of key kill skills like Synergy, Believe, maybe even Absolute Advantage.

After posting in the Tech Support section of these forums yesterday, a poster suggested that elemental damage may be overriding the critical hits so I fired up the game tonight and tested it out.

Sure enough, that was the case.

In short, if you swap from a Maliwan weapon to weapon #2(any weapon make), weapon #2’s critical hits will not be counted towards BAR.

If you go from weapon #2(non-Maliwan) to weapon #3(any weapon make), weapon #3’s critical hits will now be counted. Weapon 3 can even be Maliwan.

You just can’t go from Maliwan to any other weapon for the critical hits to be counted towards BAR.


That is both weird and good to know

Nice catch!

The “poster” is none other than @VaultHunter101

Good catch! :acmaffirmative:

This probably explains why none of the Dahl Soldiers were dropping brains in Rocket Surgery the other night. I thought that Compound Interest was to blame at the time, but I had been swapping between a shock Aegis and a Pointy Zim.

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yep, that was exactly why. I was playing that mission recently as well and it wouldn’t count the crits with a maliwan transfer.

yup you can’t but its fun seeing frostfire DOT crit and effect on enemies by using it as sponsored by on any cryo weapon the effect that it supposed to inflict on you goes to enemies haha

yes only use jackobs as sponsored by or hyperion sponsored by when doing that quest

Unless you’re playing as Nisha, DoTs can’t crit.
Also, what do you mean about theeffect transfering? Enemies would be slowed by the freeze DoT anyway, so that’s just the gun doing its thing.

And any Sponsor is fine for that missions, as long as you avoid the maliwan since the crits won’t count. Any sponsorship could work depending on the build and strategy.

Here’s a pic of the effect I’ll show you Its sponsored by maliwan frostfire also weapon your firing should be cryo

Edit: this will only see this if enemies don’t shatter but the effect frostfire gives you transfers to them. Other cryo weapons wont do this its an old pic this is how I discovered the effect

I’m fairly certain that can happen on any weapon with cryo splash damage. It’s not special effect of the gun.

Not sure about this specific mission, but for all crits not being counted I tested it and it’s Maliwan transfer only in Sponsored by

I meant the white effect he was talking about, not the crit thing.

Same thing happends with Cloud Kill on Maya in BL2. Reason why it doesn’t count towards BAR challenge; is because the DOT kills the mob before the critical hit, eventhough the mob takes dmg from the critical hit.