Spooky Cosplay References

Posting up reference screenshots of all the Spooky Skins (or ones that could pass off as Spooky) throughout the week. Why cosplay as your favourite character when you can cosplay as your favourite character while in Spooky cosplay for the month of October? :ghost:

I’ll repost the actual reference guides here, but I’ve also taken a bunch of action poses, which you can go check out in my tweet thread. Note, will do up one for Alani’s skin later as I did her’s up a while back.

Reyna "Vampirate"

Alani "Stygian"

Rath "Possibly A Vampire"

Ghalt "Reanimated"

Shayne & Aurox "Dead and Buried"

Beatrix "White Pawn"

Deande "Impostor"

Thorn "Kreshek Reborn"

Phoebe "Bad Science"

Mellka "Traveler"


  • @Leaddybum and I discovered that Rath’s skin was nicknamed “Rathcula” internally
  • Shayne & Aurox’s skin was nicknamed “Punk”
  • Thorn’s skin was nicknamed “Necro”
  • Phoebe’s skin was nicknamed “Goth”

If only I knew anything about cosplaying, at all, I would be dressed as a Vampirate all month.


You can also draw them too! The “cosplay” bit is just me hoping for more amazing fan creations that I can sit and admire the work that went into realizing it in physical form.

Also I just added Fraken Ghalt.


Added Shayne & Aurox’s “Dead and Buried” skin.


Added Beatrix’s “White Pawn” skin.


Added Deande’s “Impostor” skin.


Added Thorn’s “Kreshek Reborn” skin.


Added Phoebe’s “Bad Science” skin.


Added Mellka’s “Traveler” skin.


oh heck yeaaaah once i get a good pattern Vampirate is happening