Spooky Surprise, our hopes and dreams

Only get one vote! Which do you want the MOST?

  • Heck hole portal open without farming
  • All 4 previous week bonuses run consecutively
  • Ghosts only spawn after accepting the mission from Maurice
  • Performance stabilization patch finally ready
  • Rerolling anointments implementation
  • Gun gun loot quality boost

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Closed the poll as spooky Surprise has been revealed

i am one of the vocal few people who really doesnt care about the terror annoitments or the event, I much rather the game run better


A toggle button for the event, skippable cutscenes, and a dev team that actually talk TO us (not AT us) while explaining their rationale for things to help us understand how they want us to play the game so we can stop guessing.

I know, all impossible, but a human can dream.

y…you know the point of the thread is to vote on one of the options…right?

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I have no issues with performance…

The title says “our hopes and dreams”. The poll is the OP’s post and dreams, not mine, so I explained my own hopes and dreams.

Hope ya’ll don’t mind being inclusive to new ideas.


im not but…you could of at least voted

But I don’t care about any of those. I guess I could vote for the one about the event not triggering til you talk to Maurice, since it’s close to my event toggle request, but that’s not actually what I want.

If I voted on anything in the poll I’d be lying to myself and you. Just can’t bring myself to it.


I kinda figured that was closest, but I’m not a game developer because I know I can’t please everyone so I concede the fact my poll is missing options

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Same here.

And it’s fine.
I’ll give the Maurice “not opt in” option a vote for your effort. Even thou I don’t think it’s such a good idea on the long run.

What does “reduce visual vomit” fall under?

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Well… What do you want? lol

I swear it was like 2 seconds after I created the topic I thought I should’ve included the option for 24+ hour shift keys. Would you have voted for that - or is BL3 everything you ever wanted already?

You sound like Earl now! lol

Nothing else. It’s good. As you said can’t please everyone and a 356 options polls wouldn’t be of any use.
SHIFT keys are now somewhat 24hrs so we got that. Among other things.

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Another one I failed to include =S

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Hard to choose. I guess “All 4 previous week bonuses run consecutively”. Rare farming was nice.

  • Heck hole: I’m almost done and I can farm ectoplasm with ease. Once I’m done, I’m not going to return because it feels like a waste of time.
  • Ghosts: I don’t mind them. They’re just another source of loot.
  • Performance: Mine is fine, but I wouldn’t mind seeing what else could be improved.
  • Rerolling: My 2nd choice. I’ve actually found a lot of useful stuff during Mayhem week, but the game seriously needs a currency sink.
  • Gun gun: There’s no way that the devs would make it worthwhile. Even then it’d probably be more efficient to farm mobs/bosses. It couldn’t hurt if they buffed it. I wouldn’t use it though.

Instanced event, NO TERROR OUTSIDE!!

Poor gun gun, can’t get any love lol

What’s gun gun?

Sorry, the Eridium Fabricator. The one that costs 10 Eridium to shoot more weapons out.


ahhh that has a hole new meaning

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