Sporadic CTDs bereft of error messages

I’ve garnered that I’m not the only one suffering this issue, but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of remedy or word from Gearbox about it.

It primarily happens when I’m queueing for PvP or about to character select. Out of the blue, the client will crash to the desktop without word, without warning, and for some strange reason, it also causes steam to freak out and stop responding as well or CTD.

Anyone else with the same or incredibly similar issuue, feel free to post, as this is - for me, at least - rapidly becoming a gamebreaking issue.

Things I’ve attempted to mitigate or correct the issue:

  • Windowed mode (borderless and regular)
  • Fullscreen
  • Lowered graphical settings
  • (Nvidia user specific) Altered 3D settings in the control panel.
  • Disabled steam overlay.
  • Verified cache integrity.
  • Full reinstallation of Battleborn.
  • Seeking out and deleting any remenants of Battleborn’s beta files.
  • Updating various drivers.
  • Disabling any firewalls or anti-virus, as well as temporarily removing them altogether.
  • Telling Battleborn verbally to behave (yielded the least results :frowning: )

Bump & update.

Could be nothing, but it could be major–tabbing out seems to cause it more frequently. Hard to tell.

Update: CTDs definitely aren’t exclusive to alt-tabbing, however it does seem to increase them.