Spotlight battles

It sounded like a great idea, but I’m not really seeing the point at the moment. So far its been a map that is already selectable in “competitive” matchmaking. I originally thought the spotlight battles would focus on the other three maps we can’t play a balanced game on. Like temples, echelon, or coldsnap. We can’t play those maps in a balanced game right now unless we get lucky and matched with people that match skills in the quick matchmaking option, and get the option to choose one of those three maps, and people vote for one of those three maps. The chances of that is so low it’s not funny.
So why are they making spotlight battles for maps that we can already choose in regular competitive matchmaking? Seriously it makes no sense. I for one would love to play some balanced matches on coldsnap. And I think temples is a much better map than outback and would love to get the chance to play on it. Echelon is sort of ok. I would love the map if that wasn’t the only map in the game I experience frequent lag issues. Once that is finally fixed I would love to have the chance to play a balanced game on echelon as well.
Spotlight battles is a great idea for a matchmaking category, but they need to make it so we can choose maps we currently can’t choose.


The point of spotlight, I thought, was to rotate maps week to week, in order to have a single competitive queue which would (hopefully) be full of players who purely wanted to play that particular mode. This would mean they could set up all their gear sets for different heroes specific to that mode, rather than doing what I do, which is set aside three gear sets with 2/3 pieces free and 1-420 cost white item for capture, with the rest being for specific characters in Incursion / Meltdown (which means really I’ve only got gear sets for 5~7 characters in Incursion / Meltdown, depending on how share-able they are between similar characters.)

I presume they started with a popular map so people would get used trying spotlight, and it will rotate through the others as time goes on.

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That bears repeating.

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Why?? I Iike coldsnap. I also like paradise. It’s nice to have some variety, which we don’t really have right now unless we play in the quick matchmaking, which ends up being a one sided match most of the time in my experience. Not a fan of those matches.
I’m kinda confused what you mean by that bears repeating.

I for one would love to play some balanced matches on anything.

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He means that more people should say that they love Coldsnap.

From Google: “It bears repeating means that something is so important that we can say it more than once.”

Basically @Misguided was agreeing with you.

Perhaps Ancient Belgareth should returneth to the Vale where Lady Polgara will teach ye the dark art of Google. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok thanks. Wasn’t sure exactly.

How do you know of the vale? Lol surprised someone actually knows what that name is from. Glad I’m not the only book nerd!

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Yeah, or to put it another way, +1 or “you can say that again”.

Love me some Coldsnap.

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I’ve never played on cold snap and I’m almost rank 40. What do people have against it?

Hopefully matchmaking gets a little tweaked. I’m confident that people will get bored of overmatched and start moving to battleborn someday. When the community gets bigger the matchmaking will hopefully be something that can make everyone happy.