Spread out dedicated drops please gearbox

Hi all, my 1st post.
I’ve been farming tyreen for what seems like forever :frowning: it’s not a bad farm tbh.
I just wanna say thanks to gearbox for dedicated drops but I think it’s still bad, 2 items per named characrer would have been fine but 4 (unless I’m missing 1 with tyreen) is crazy. I’m at the point where I’m gonna give up altogether with the farming,
Please fix this great game so I can farm for a decent otto idol :slight_smile:

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There is to many legendaries and not enough unique enemies for that. The only solution is to boost dedicated drops via Mayhem mode (at max Mayhem should be 100% chance) and specific loot should drop all the time (no matter which mode) like some items in Jackpot dlc.

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I,think I saw a killer6 or joltzdude video where he stated there was like 40 more named enemies with no dedicated drops, i like the sound of the mayhem dedicated drop rate that would be cool if they could give us a mayhem mode that increases dedicated loot and have no world drops :slight_smile:

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The best advice I can give is don’t farm for dedicated drops. They’re not worth it. I know you want that Queens/Kings call but the drop rates are nightmarishly horrendous. I farmed Troy 98 times before i got a Vosk’s Deathgrip. That should not be an effing thing. I don’t understand why they don’t make dedicated drops 100%. It works extremely well in the Handsome Jackpot dlc. I mean i’ve been farming The Fabricator at least four times a week since the dlc dropped and still haven’t gotten the god roll I want and that’s ok because it’s a guarenteed drop and i’ve gotten some pretty decent ones since. The point i’m trying to make in my little rant is making dedicated drops 100% in no way will break the game or stop people from playing it. In fact with the introduction of new legendaries and anointments it seems like a foregone conclusion that that’s the avenue they should take. Hell what do I know i’m just a lonely peon who spends way too many hours playing this game.

Technically it’s just 3 dedicated drops on Tyreen, since the Kings/Queens Call is still the same gun, with the name simply being based on the element.

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If it wasn’t for trading I would have no gear. My Zane only gets jumping and sliding anoints.

This thread, 100%.

Mayhem should at least increase dedicated drop rates by the same factor as world drops.

So maybe not guaranteed for everything, but 8x more likely in Mayhem 4 than in non-Mayhem, for example. As it is, the dedicated drops from some sources are still so rare that we are still better off just farming a generous loot source like Graveward.

I would also note that the rates are wildly inconsistent across named enemies, which is silly. Private Beans is exceedingly generous, but El Dragon is stingy. Sylestro and Atomic drop something almost every run, but Hammerlock hunt enemies almost never drop dedicated items.

In short, the dedicated drop system as it currently exists makes no sense and actually punishes players for farming at max difficulty.

EDIT: LOL Autocorrect changed Sylestro to Sylvester :rofl:. Fixed

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And I got the exact opposite side of the spectrum: 3 Deathgrips in 15 runs, if that. I agree however that the base chance to get a version of any dedicated drop should be at least 20% on Mayhem 4, so the numbers would have to be tweaked for each enemy. The more dedicated drops the enemy has the higher the chance to get any of them needs to be. If an enemy has 4 dedicated loot drops, then they should have a chance of 80% to drop any of them. Also, it’s annoying that the chance to get dedicated drops doesn’t increase with higher Mayhem levels. It really should just get more and more likely to get what you want the harder you make the game for yourself.

This is such an important point. Everyone that says stuff like “drop rates need to be low or else people will stop playing” has it completely backwards. There is a truck load of evidence - within the Borderlands franchise and other franchises - to support the fact that the exact opposite is true, especially in games like this where each item has a bazillion different versions. The people that are hardcore enough to farm for anything in this series are the type that are going to make tons of different builds, play multiple characters, experiment with different gear combos, etc. If you make it take weeks (or more) just to get one item with the stat rolls you want, you’re going to cause the player to get bored and burnt out and stop playing.

Blizzard proved way back with Diablo 3 that by providing numerous ways to reduce the grind (gambling for gear with end game currency, re-rolling items, extremely high drop rates, loot weighted towards your class, etc) thereby making it relatively easy to farm the correct version of the items you’re looking for, you actually increase player retention and satisfaction because players are encouraged to make new characters/builds and try new things. Borderlands needs to implement some of these methods into their own game, especially re-rolling items to reduce the need to farm the same boss over and over.

Everything I said here is made even more true if we are going to need to continuously refarm the same gear for each Mayhem mode - which is what the word is from the rumor mill. If that is the case they need to do something to make it very easy to find the correct item + anointment combo, like making anointments flat out purchase-able to take them out of the grind equation.


I hope my comment is on topic! But yes, dedicated drops are too far and between especially on M4. I’d be happy if the specific/dedicated drop rate was increased by at least 15% on M4.

I’m farming tyreen for the elemental projector otto idol at level 53, is super rare and the rolls aren’t right.
I wouldn’t wont dedicated drops at 100% the game would die off but I think relics/artifacts need a different loot source

Also I’ve had to turn mayhem mode off completely which has dropped the world drop rate but made the farm roo easy :’(