Spreadsheet: Every Helix skill

I decided to get a spreadsheet made for easy quick reference on helix skills for planing ahead of time. When I finished it I really wanted to share it with some people that would possibly find it useful and give them time to read over all the skills for each level. So I’m bringing it to you guys/gals to view at your leisure. If you want to use it as a resource for Min/Max your character each match then by all means. I’ll try to keep it updated as more information comes in.

So I’ve included Ghalt and Deande in the by watching the videos which took some time but only the skills that were shown are available to be seen.

If you see any errors or have any suggestions let me know and I’ll get it updated. Let me know what you think :slightly_smiling:


well copy pasta from the official one helps a lot :stuck_out_tongue:
I had Ghalt’s and Deande’s helix up on my site the day they got announced by freeze framing the videos. Also did this before the CTT to get the helix skill trees of Mellka, Benedict, Ambra & ISIC as 2K was streaming the multiplayer preview build.


Pretty much did the same process as you which was awesome cause I got to look into more of the skills and start theory crafting. I’m debating however of exporting this into an android app considering how it’s not complete and if it would even have any utility being on a smart device.

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app would be cool. remember there will be balance patches/hot fixes along the line. not sure how much support you would want to do but that +200 damage could turn into +180 damage. Also build in a 3rd row for the unlockable mutators that add a skill to the helix.

I haven’t seen your skill calc but if it’s semi basic I might be able to use it instead of a spreadsheet. I know your pretty up to date on the news and that would resolve any updates issues and bring some site traffic to you.

no skill calc, just an overview
(example: http://mentalmars.com/battleborn/phoebe/#helix )

you know it still has tons of potential. For a great app. I’ll message you directly via forums to lighten the load on this thread.


Everyone above going the distance for the community. Yall the real MvP(s).

The real MvPs are the fans that make the game fun and appealing to everyone. Like yourself :slight_smile: