Spreadsheet full of goodies, LF GOOD anointed gear, knife drain victory rush god roll, molten dictator 100 ASE, brawler ward 100 melee or 20% cd, Rowan’s rad gamma burst

brawler shield 20% cd has been received no longer needed


Psn breathofdasungod

If we agree on a a trade, add me and let me know what your psn is. I’m sending my items via mail, and expect the same, no I will not host so you can dupe.

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Ill trade you the brawler ward with 20% CD for your Giant Slayer Fl4k mod.

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Deal. Add me

are you interested in this?

I also have a fire version.

would like to have the gamma anoint pestilence and 100% melee brawler ward.

psn nat_zero_six