Spring cleaning

Looking to get rid of a few items. Rather someone put them to use then to sell them off. If you’d like any of them just leave a reply and it’s yours. I’m only going to hold on to them for another 24 hours tops so if you want them get to them quick. On a side note I’m looking for a 90%+ sham shield level 80 with a good recharge rate… if anyone has one to trade it’d be great if we could work something out. These are not the items id offer for a sham. To be clear the items below are free.

Items I’m giving away.

  1. Pearlesent DVA stalker slag lvl 80
  2. fwap a nukem lvl 80
  3. attack veruc corrosive lvl 80
  4. Cutting edge bitch fire lvl 80
  5. Punitory pyrophobia lvl 80
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