Spring Fling 2016 Skins!

Since I haven’t seen an official (or any) thread about it, I’ve decided to share those codes with you now!

Spring has sprung! Celebrate w/ some Spring Fling skins for Borderlands: The Pre-sequel!

Xbox One / Xbox 360: KW53T-K6K59-C5FBR-CXBJB-TZFRB
PlayStation 4 & 3: KW53T-K6K95-H6BCJ-HTCJB-TZF36

(If there is a mistake in written codes, please let me know! ;))


Great. Now my eyes are bleeding.

Spring Fling Celebratory Skins? Is there a promotion or some new content coming out that I’m not aware of? I’m always down for new stuff, but this seems to be missing some… context.

Thanks for the heads up!

I knew i had a feeling that it would only just be skins. What about a weapon to go along with them GB?
Come on how hard is it to add a gun to it. You can get skins in the game alot but a weapon will last better or longer.
Looks like GB is dropping the ball or no longer trying to appease the fans anymore. Its a shame you guys no longer caring about weapons that much anymore. Skins you can get anytime. What a great way to keep interest up on the game. (slow claps)
And don’t give me that bull about you guys giving us something the last go round cause i’m going to say it. “SKINS ARE BORING.” You notice no one hardly here in droves about these skins. Now if a weapon is added to it then you would get more responses then then this.
I’m only saying this on here cause it seems to me that you guys (GB) are not even trying anymore.

Great way to reward the playbase GB. (slow claps)

I’ve had these skins for a while. My daughter uses the claptrap one. I think they are easter related as the clappy one is 366 (egg)…

I am just happy they are giving stuff out. Why complain?

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Because GBX isn’t giving away weapons like they did with BL 2. I don’t particularly care, but I think that’s why @OverLord01 is complaining.

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They gave some guns away for Pre-Sequel…

Yes they have, but people’s memories are short.

There might be something good cvoming out. I hope its op levels in next update

I don’t think there will be OP levels ever added to TPS. There should be some next update, since not all hotfixes are hardcoded yet.

The way the game is set up it wouldn’t really benefit from OP levels. In BL 2 there was a good reason for it: they provided an extra challenge. But since you can now get all three capstones, I don’t think the OP levels would provide the same challenge here.

Yea Just doing EOS and claptrap dlc arena is a challange already why add OP levels

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Wow, totally missed these. Been on a heavy BL2 bender, thanks though GBX.

But I do kind of agree with the person above. They might as well just throw us whatever guns are left at this point. The game is…pretty dead for the most part.

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