Sprint cancelled by right stick

This error happened recently, when I sprint and turn to the right my sprint cancels. Already messed with the sticks deadzones but to no avail. And also have tried it with a few controllers and still cancels… has anyone found a solution for this?

Not sure about PS4, but on XBox it’s always been the case that moving the stick hard right or left cancels sprint. A gentle right or left motion seems to maintain sprint though. In your case, does how hard you try to make a turn seem to make a difference?

I usually tilt it hard… maybe if I lower a little the sensitivity… gotta try this!

Just don’t push the stick all the way over to one side in one sudden motion.

That just mess with my flow I play fast and agresssive. bought the game since day one and this travesti appeared just this month… sucks.

Odd that you’ve only noticed in the past month. I don’t remember seeing anything about movement speed changes or controller settings in any of the patch notes. Was there are PS4 system update at all that might have changed something?

I had this issue back when I played in January. Only thing that solved it was purchasing a new controller. PS4 controllers only seem good for about 6month-1year before funky stuff happens when you play a lot of games.