Sprint Issues PS4

My sprint is constantly being cancelled out. I’ve messed about with dead zones functionality to no avail. It’s very annoying and I haven’t played much because of this. Anyone else having this problem?

I had an old controller of mine giving me issues on BL2 with sprinting as it kept sticking and cancelling, not with BL3.

Do you notice any issues with the stick otherwise? Did you try another control?

It’s the only one I have at the moment. But, I’ve been playing alot of The Handsome Collection and GOTY the past few months with no issue. Actually, it mainly happens when I turn to the right, which is weird.

Damn, I hate to say it but it sounds a lot like an issue I was having.

On BL2 my controller stuck towards one direction, and it wouldn’t be noticeable when you’re shooting since you kind of lock in to a position to fire, but when running you’re pressing it down, and it would dislodge. (Which was HORRIBLE on Krieg).

May be a controller issue, mate.

Yea, definitely possible. Just kinda weird that it works fine on the other games. Fairly new controller as well, probably 4 months old or so. Preciate the feedback man.

you can toggle on and off the sprint.

No problem, glad to help. Definitely keep us updated because if something is glitching on the other end, it may be worth documenting in case a fix comes around.

Try to see if you can get the controller to lodge in to place by just gently moving it around, if it sticks noticeably, then yeah. It is an issue with that. If not, it only raises further questions.

Yea, I’ve tried it on both settings with the same results.

Well, looks like it’s my controller. I inverted my left stick and have no issues coming coming out of my sprint animation. Guess I’ll be diassembling my controller here in a few minutes haha.

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Be very careful, most of the time it’s something really microscopic is jammed in there. Just a light cleaning may be enough.

Hey guys,
I dunno what’s causing this problem but it’s not unique to just PS4. I am having this issue on PC as well. It might be a weird problem with the game itself and not your controller, or my keyboard…

I’m still not entirely sure it’s my controller. After further investigation of my controller, I have no visible signs of bad components and still have issue with any other games. After manually callibrating my sticks through the option menu within the game, I’m STILL having the same problem. But, I just ordered another joystick a few hours ago and it will arrive before Friday. So we’ll see what happens with a fresh controller. I’ll keep you posted mate, if you’d like that is.

It is NOT THE CONTROLLER! Had these issues with EVERY BORDERLANDS! I have a new controller and the sprinting starts then quits over and over! It is a problem they have always had

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Yeah, I’m having the same issue, it isn’t my controller, it’s too inconsistent to be a mechanical issue as sometimes I turn right with no problem, it works just fine on other games, and seeing other folks with the exact same issue kinda confirms it. Thing is it didn’t even start for me until this last round of patch/hotfixes for Bloody Harvest.

I sent in a support ticket and only got generic troubleshooting instructions (clear cache, full uninstall and reinstall, didn’t work by the way).
It’s not a total game breaker for me but it is getting really annoying whenever it happens.

I have a two week old Astro pro controller, and the sprinting cancels even when I use the triggers underneath, so feel this problem is in the game. Doesn’t happen all the time, but annoying if this gonna screw up a Takedown run or something.

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I have exactly the same issue. I sprint normally until I turn to the right whith the right stick, then my sprint cancels almost every time. And is freaking annoying… have you found a solution?

FInally! After a while searching for someone with a really specific kind of issue as me OP has described it well. I have issues with sprinting when turning RIGHT as well. It will stop sprinting when turning right most of the time. I just started BL3 and this is driving me up the ■■■■■■■ wall. Cheers for all the replies. Hope I can come up with a solution.