Sprint Rough Rider/Topped Off

Hey all, just posting something that I and maybe the dev’s will think should work, after reading it, but doesn’t currently. If not, no biggie, but would be nice. Anyway, I’ll get to it. So currently, Sprint Rough Rider has 0 shield capacity, 0 shield charge delay, and 0 charge rate for a shield, right? So, I guess my question is WHY doesn’t Topped Off Guardian talent work with this shield? Idea is you have no shield and thus get the significant perk of this talent at all times (reduces action skill cooldown rate while at full shields). Realistically you’re full shield, since your full shield is 0, but instead I think it counts it as depleted rather than full.

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Im pretty sure it counts as full.

It doesn’t seem to based upon my testing with a shield that gives you a shield value above zero, unfortunately. Not sure if that’s intended or not, but if not, I REALLY hope it gets changed. Excited to test builds utilizing this shield and the interaction with this guardian talent.

then it might not be either. it might be in full/empty limbo. i remember in BL2 having a maya with a rough rider so I could run at supersonic speeds using fleet.

Rough rider seems to have many issues involving activating certain bonuses. Depleted shield perks do not work, nor do full shield perks. Hopefully Gearbox can fix these issues soon, as this shield has a lot of potential for builds.

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I understand you can use a augment that gives small amount of shield as it will never recharge this will make the shield count as being full depleted . I am trying to find out what the shield actually does . I know it gives me health regeneration as I have 0 and I will regen more the less life I have now I am also wondering about the damage reduction . it seems I cant die some times I should be dead but instead my life stops at 1 . but no one seems to talk about what it actually does only what it does not do . can anyone tell me what this shields hidden abilitys are ?

I’m pretty sure this shield counts as empty I remember testing it a few months back, with Zane that seemed to be the case. I’m not sure if it was his skill, the GR perk or if it has a new mechanic. I remember hearing something about fire rate and reload speed increase but I’ll look for that and test a little since my Fl4k and Zane use this shield for a few builds.

I’m under the impression this game has some sort of die-hard mechanic, if you’re at full health and/or shield it seems that you can’t get one shot sometimes, though Dot will finish you and I believe suicide is not included since I’ve somehow bypassed health gating like that (it’s funny because you’re invulnerable in FFYL)

It’s commonly referred to as…

I didn’t really paid attention but the mechanic is probably the same as BL2. Over a certain level of health you can’t die from “one shot”. As stated, Dot and other circumstances will kill you. (Like a barrage of missiles.) When below that health gate/ threshold there should be a flashing exclamation mark beside your health bar.
Or the bar is flashing… Something like that. :man_shrugging:

Ok, I thought people referring to stop gap and last stand as health gate.
But yeah I tested that for suicide and nothing stops stupid from killing from killing you to put it lightly.

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Health gate in borderlands means you won’t die in a single hit if you’re >50% health.

If you have max health 2k and you have 1100hp left you wont die in a single hit. If you have 80k shield and max hp is 12k but you only have 5999hp filled you can die in one hit.

The rough rider counts as empty (I’ve heard full for some of zanes skills but I can’t comment on that, I don’t play Zane) and Topped Off will be completely disabled so long as you wear the rough rider.


Thanks for that part but I passed the second grade.

Jokes aside for Zane the shield used to be glitched and triggered full and empty simultaneously, once patched alot people stopped using it.

This was to emphasis shield amount doesn’t matter, and health amount is entirely % based and number of hp doesn’t matter.

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thank you I did not know that