Sprint speed and move speed question

Does anyone know if movespeed is a factor when trying to increase sprint speed or are they completely different?
for example

Sprint_Speed = (Move_speed x 1.2) + sprint_gear_bonus
Move_Speed = Character_Movespeed + move_gear_bonus

(Of course the multiplier to Move_speed is a guess, but I think it would be close to this)
or is it something like

Sprint_Speed = Character_Sprintspeed + sprint_gear_bonus
Move_Speed = Character_Movespeed + move_gear_bonus

The first one would suggest that you will always move faster in sprint speed no matter what your movespeed was. the second would mean given enough bonus you could possibly move faster than sprinting.

Pretty sure sprint bonus is multiplied by movement speed. Ergo, movement speed boosts always increase sprinting’s speed.

I thought so, but I was actually hoping that the second one was true. It could lead to more fun builds IMO. But it does make sense to make sprintspeed to include movespeed in the equation, because that would be what players would expect.

It seems like base speed is affected by movement speed gear and the action of sprinting applies a multiplier to that and sprint speed gear increases that sprinting multiplier. However Movement speed effects both in combat and out of combat speed while only really works with Sprint. Question is hypothetically how much does sprinting with movement speed gear compare with sprinting with sprint gear?

So something like this?

Sprint_Speed = (Move_speed + sprint_gear_bonus) x 1.2
Move_Speed = Character_Movespeed + move_gear_bonus

(Again the 1.2 multiplier being a guess, but i suspect it is probably somewhere between 1.1-1.2 so I think it is a fair guess)

edited the equation

After reading a few times

Sprint_Speed = Character_speed (sprint_multiplier) + move_gear_bonus
sprint_multiplier = 1.2 + (1.2 x sprint_gear_bonus)

As a percentage would mean the sprint_gear_bonus would be less than 1.

Why is it if I enable a Gambler’s 9.8 Sprint Speed on Reyna and I press my walking/Sprint key it doesn’t appear to take full effect but if I jump first it does? (Steam version, Keyboard and Mouse)

Haven’t noticed this with other characters, have been leveling Reyna during the event.

I feel like movement speed effects both regular speed and sprint speed.

You notice how when you are hit with slow it effects both movement(sprint too) and attack speed. Well I wonder if movement speed effects attack speed too…

It’s definitely the first way, not the second. Otherwise, speed boosts via, say, pick-ups or Alani’s Ridtide would increase your attack speed too.