Sprint Speed Min/Max Discrepancies between PC and consoles?

Hi guys and gals, you may or may not have come across my guide to understanding gear post I put up a few days ago. Part of that discussion involved figuring out the min/max range values of stats so people could use that to figure out the quality of their item’s RNG roll, and I have found an issue I’m not sure if it is my own error or an actual variation between platforms.

The data I have is from data mining the PC version of the game, but I am playing it on PS4 and I’ve been taking screenshots of gear I get in game and comparing them to that data to check that my calculations are correct.

For PC, Sprint Speed’s Minor Stat Minimum value appears to be the same as it’s Major Stat counterpart, resulting in a maximum minor stat value of +9.80% whereas perfect roll items I have gotten in-game on PS4 are capping at +5.60%. Can any PC players confirm they are seeing a +5.60% Sprint Speed minor stat boost on perfect roll gear? :confused:

He’s the formula for Sprint Speed as a minor stat (as I see it in the PC data):
SprintSpeed = (MinorMoveSprintMinimum * GearPower) + (MinorMoveSprintDerivedMaxAdjustment * GearLevel)

MinorMoveSprintDerivedMaxAdjustment = (MinorMoveSprintMinimum * StatRangeMaxAdjustment)
MinorMoveSprintMinimum = 0.070000000298
GearPower = 1
StatRangeMaxAdjustment = 0.40000000596
GearLevel = 0-1 (use 1 for a perfect roll)

Items with Sprint Speed as a Minor Stat:

  • Swift “Corpse Reviver” (Uncommon/Rogue)
  • Sketchy Swift “Corpse Reviver” (Uncommon/Flawed/Rogue)
  • Swift “Greyhound” (Uncommon/Rogue)
  • Sketchy Swift “Greyhound” (Uncommon/Flawed/Rogue)
  • Swift “Boilermakers” (Uncommon/Rogue)
  • Sketchy Swift “Boilermakers” (Uncommon/Flawed/Rogue)
  • Swift “White Lightning” (Uncommon/Rogue)
  • Sketchy Swift “White Lightning” (Uncommon/Flawed/Rogue)
  • Guerrilla’s Spirit of Wind (Rare/Eldrid)
  • Primitive Guerrilla’s Spirit of Wind (Rare/Flawed/Eldrid)
  • Veteran’s Ener-G!™ Power Drink (Rare/Peacekeepers)
  • Makeshift Veteran’s Ener-G!™ Power Drink (Rare/Flawed/Peacekeepers)
  • Gambler’s “White Lightning” (Rare/Rogue)
  • Sketchy Gambler’s “White Lightning” (Rare/Flawed/Rogue)
  • Reaver’s Neural Accelerant (Rare/Jennerit)
  • Unstable Reaver’s Neural Accelerant (Rare/Flawed/Jennerit)
  • High-Tailing “Corpse Reviver” (Epic/Rogue)
  • Sketchy High-Tailing “Corpse Reviver” (Epic/Flawed/Rogue)
  • High-Tailing “Greyhound” (Epic/Rogue)
  • Sketchy High-Tailing “Greyhound” (Epic/Flawed/Rogue)

If anyone can shed some light on this it would be much appreciated!


Assuming +5.60% is the correct maximum Sprint Speed, the MinorSprintMinimum should be 0.0399999991059 instead of 0.070000000298.

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I don’t have as much data, but I can comment on your numbers: you probably mean just 0.7 and 0.4, the other digits are precision errors when using floats or doubles.

It still wouldn’t have a 4.2% difference in the final stat though. I’m currently reviewing my data as I’ve noticed stuff like positive values instead of negative values on some stats that should be the reverse and there’s something up with Reload Speed too. The raw MinorMoveSprintMinimum value is the same as MajorMoveSprintMinimum (0.7) so unless there’s something I am missing when calculating the values, it is different to what I’m seeing in-game on PS4.