Sprint speed on top of movement speed?

So I’m working on a Rath build for maximum movement/sprint speed. I have a 5% movement speed item and 9.5% sprint + 5% sprint while under 50% health. Is the sprint speed multiplicative of the movement speed increase? If I’ve got essentially 105% movement speed, do I get the sprint speed percentage based on the bonus movement speed or base movement speed?

Movement, theoretically, should stack on sprint. Inversely, Sprint should not stack on movement. So having both, I’ll have a better increase to sprinting than to just walking. Sorry if I seem condescending or whatever, I’m just making sure I’m clear as a cucumber. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s what I’m asking. It makes sense right? 5% movement speed should affect both walking and sprint speed. Sprint speed gear should stack on top of the movement speed. Well, as you said, theoretically anyway.

Not in the slightest. Thanks for replying :acmaffirmative:

I did some testing on this, and it’s hard to be exact.

I’m sure that:

  • Adding movement speed increases sprint speed
  • Adding sprint speed does not increase move speed
  • Adding sprint speed increases sprint speed
  • Adding sprint speed and move speed increases sprint speed more

Now, I think that movement speed increases sprint speed by a static amount
Example: If move is 50 and sprint is 75, I think that a 10% move speed increase would change it to 55 and 80, rather than 55 and 82.5

And to put my theory in a formula:
move_speed_increase = base_speed * ( move_increase )
move_speed = move_speed_increase + base_speed
sprint_speed_increase = sprint_base * ( sprint_increase )
sprint_speed = sprint_base + sprint_speed_increase + move_speed_increase

Let me know if that helps… or makes it worse. Like I said, though. This is based on my estimates, and I have no numbers to back them up, because it’s hard to get exact numbers for sprinting. I considered trying to time 100 laps from A --> B --> C on temple, but decided it was too much work >.<

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I appreciate you putting that much effort in as it is! I was going to field test as well, but decided I was too lazy and would just ask on here for a quick answer haha now I feel kinda bad :sweat_smile:

I figured the sprint would stack on top of movement speed. But as you said, it’s not like there’s hard numbers on sprint and movement speeds that you can actually calculate

If I workout and focus on nutrition I can run faster.
Seems to be the logical result in a game too.
If I want to move better I just need to move.