Sprinting issues left joystick?

Anyone else have issues where they try to sprint sometimes and it just dont work have to click again or harder then normal it feels like to sprint sometimes? or is my controller of 4 months dying lol

I’ve noticed issues like that with the grenade button as well as the melee attack button. I also want to say it’s not BL exclusive, because I’ve had similar problems when playing Dragon Age. I’m thinking it’s a controller problem.

ya well it has been fine for the past few hours now so idk it’s odd…

My brother, who plays waaaay to much Destiny, goes through controllers every 3 months. They are not that well built for excessive gaming (nor should they be imo).

I’m far more casual, only get an hour or two each night for gaming, and still have my original controller working fine.

Two things my brother has done to improve lifespan - get those silicone covers for the controller as well as those little rubber stick-toppers. Both make the controller more robust and less prone to slippage.