Spry Sprite Spray. Halp

I’ve been stuck on 6/20 for that lore challenge forever, and thats the only one left! Anyone have any tips that could help me out?

I’ve given one tip to everyone who’s asked me how to do it and they’ve all done it since then: Aim at the ground! I find a lot of players get the enemy low then jump and… Miss. Volley ricochets so aim at the ground by your target’s feet right before you jump, then jump and… Hit! Kill!

Now get out there and complete that lore challenge so you can join the Master of Thorn club! :slight_smile:


I really find this challenge a bit unfair.
I’ve played Thorn more than Deande but I’m a Master of Deande.
This is the one lore I can’t do for Thorn because I only play team Story matches.


They should make alt achievements for story people like you… tho pvp isnt hard with Thorn if you understand your opponents. 20 midair volley kills might take a bit tho if your not experienced with Thorn specifically for pvp.

I finally did it! It took 6-8 hours and 25 matches of incursion but it is doable!! I do wish they made airborne volley shots more special though. For one i think if you activate it airborne, your character should pause midair for an extra 0.5-1 sec to give a slightly larger window to line up the shot (otherwise you’d have to use Vaulting Hunter which would give you more air time not aim time). Also pulling it off should grant bonus damage. The number of times i lined everything up and fell short of doing enough damage to kill somebody… Part of the reason why I originally had an interest in Thorn was because I really took to the Destiny’s Hunter Nightstalker subclass which unleashes a powerful charged arrow for its super attack. You do feel pretty awesome when you manage an airborne volley kill though, but i really can’t see myself trying for it outside of doing the lore since i now know how rare it is to be in a position where you will do enough damage to finish someone off with it, because they will likely bail by then and or have back up to run interferrance.

That’s actually pretty impressive, a lot of people take far longer. I once got four in a game and had a couple of twos as well but also had a lot of games where I got none. I still do it even now, participating in that challenge taught me a lot about the value of jumping in this game and vastly improved my accuracy, during the challenge I was jumping even when I didn’t have Volley or couldn’t get the kill just to practice and now I jump all the time :slight_smile:

Yeah jumping with Thorn is definitely the way to go (which is why I think adding a slightly longer airborne aim window and damage bonus would really promote that kind of play style). Especially if you got a Marquis trying to snipe you from the back of the map. I think my best was 2-3 in one game and I think that was because the other team didn’t know when to pull back and escape. Also character combinations help too, I always tried to go for the bigger targets (ie Montana, Kleese, Attikus), drop a Blight and see who is dumb enough to sit in it and wait for the right time :smiley: I went up like 2-3 ranks in Assist challenges too because people would keep stealing my airborne volley kills -_-

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Just wanna thank you guys so much! I’m on 18/20 (havent played in a while because the update took some time to download) and my best is getting 3 in a match! I did them all in capture though. And I do think farming the challenge really improves your playstyle as Thorn, I jump A LOT now. I don’t even have to focus on the challenge sometimes. (Nice move gbx)

Best one I got was jumping literally over a Marquis, turned complete downwards while I was in the air, and shot the volley on the ground. (I’d like to say it was planned…heck why not it was)

Just got this done last night and it was def a pain at times. That said it does improve skill a bit and I do enjoy being creative with it. Best I managed was actually running away from a fight. Turned and booked it, dropped blight to slow them and speed up, jumped and melee’d to fly back over them and then volley’d them in their back. Doubt I’ll ever manage it again but it worked, surprised the hell out of them too, I’m sure.

I just completed not to long ago they way I did it is I would save volley shot for when they were low. Then you kind of just have to judge how much until one shot will kill them. Then when jumping aim lower towards the ground and jump towards them to make them a bigger target and if you miss you will miss low and they do bounce off the ground to give you another chance to hit them. I also use the slow effect on blight helps a lot. Also steal all the kills you can

Worst challenge I’ve done in any game for a long time. I just felt relieved to have finished it, not happy.

Has taken a whole week just to get the last 4 kills.


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Well done, another addition to the prestigious Master of Thorn club!

When we saw you today, we knew who you’d pick lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Blight got nerfedd gah! I havent played in a few days what do people think?

The decreased duration isn’t a big change, Thorn is still lethal but you can’t just wave clear by throwing down Blight and moving on anymore, and with her level 8 helix being reduced as well you can’t just spam Blight the way you once could. Still potent, just takes a little more care wave clearing now.

It really shouldn’t have been set and forget to begin with. But completing this lore challenge at 10 instead of the original 20 was still a pain.
My last kill for it was great though.
We were on Overgrowth, duking it out at the enemy’s first sentry. Had a Miko almost dead so he tried ducking into the tunnel. I knew if I could hit him, I’d finally have my lore done. And I was pretty frustrated at this point cause I missed multiple moments the past two or three matches.
So I notched the arrows, took the jump…
And fired too late.
I dropped the controller in anger, and as it fell to the ground I see that wonderful KO! appear on the corner of the screen, and the lore challenge going complete.
The volley ricocheted off the back wall and managed to strike him somewhere in the tunnel.
The largest sense of relief and satisfaction washed over me.

When they’re weak, load up volley, jump, fire, and hope for the best. I’ve played 3 games with her and have 6/10. Skill damage gear helps, obviously.

Finally! This one eluded me for so long.

:sunny: Happy dance


Im so disappointed they made this easier!
Since black ops 3 i use right analogy stick to jump and x in its place, using this you can jump and have much more control of your aim while you are flying.

So i got them low enough to finish, jumped up adjusted my aim and volley killed them, i actually do this naturally as thorn anyway. And i always use volley to steal kills anyway haha, gifts look good in the scoreboards right :wink: