Spycho - Frostburn Canyon

I was farming Scorch for a hellfire so figured why not go for Spycho for the neogenator .

So here’s my wonders, what does it take to get spycho to spawn? I just don’t see him. He is on the upper level part of the map, right? Do I have to have a mission opened, (or finished)? I just did the mission where ya kill scorch but haven’t turned it in yet.

uvhm by the way…

Get Monster Mash mission from Dr. Zed.

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Not sure I understand…Spycho spawns after you’ve done the Monster Mash missions for Dr Zed, he’s the end result of them.
If you’ve finished the various mission stages there and have been tasked with killing ‘Dr Zeds abomination’ (I think it’s called), then he should indeed spawn after you head up the stairs after Scorch’s area.

Assuming you’ve done this it’s a new one to me, I’m afraid.

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there’s my problem :blush:…totally spaced this mission out…thanks guys, problem solved

topic can be closed, thank you

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At your service.