Spymaster Deande talk (insert buf reasons here)

With the long list of buff and nerfs given in this thread I decided to post another one, this time about lovely spy mistress Deande. Now I won’t go as much in depth as I did with Whiskey on what buffs I would like to see but I will, however, point out the areas that are problematic with her.

If you guys have played a Deande in PvP and just got wrecked by her and feel, “MAN, THAT CHARACTER IS REALLY BROKEN” then I know you haven’t used her yet. It does take alot to use Deande like the page suggests, but in using her, like another known gunner that’s currently suffereing majorily in PvP, at best you get above average results. It’s not as bad as said gunner, but it’s stil bad. Here are the reasons where she lacks

Ok so I know she is suppose to be an assassin like Rath, but at the moment she only accels in one area and that’s the assassin part. Deande, by far, is the best character in the game to get a solo kill with when no one else is around. She can also help very well in assist kills. But everything else is just lack luster. She’s squishy with slow ranged, small hit boxes on her melee, and dash speed is horrid for an assasin. She is literally a mediore Rath in everything else other than the 1v1 kill, which rath can still do extremely well. Her legenary makes up alot of her problems, but 1800 shards to make a character viable is just wrong.

Now I don’t mind the squishyness as assassins aren’t meant to be meat shields, but why does she have to run so slow? I’ve never seen a Ninja (I believe that’s the idea she’s potraying) be so slow on the field. I want to say that even Miko, a support, runs faster than her. Assassins other than WF all have fast sprint speeds, while Deande is trailing behind. That’s not good for an assassian if she only makes it there when the oppoenent is pretty muh finished.

Also what’s with her ultimate? I understand the idea of it but why is it so weak? Even when you stun players (And the stun range is very small) the damage from your teammates isn’t good enough to make up for someone else’s level 5 (like thorn, or om, or just about anyone else). Also why does it take so long to charge and such a high cool down? This move needs to be address rather it be more damage, a shorter cool down. or being able to activate the ability when you want.

tl;dr Deande kinda sucks right now, I don’t mind her being squishy if she just had more run speed and a better ultimate. Hell give her something to out perform rath in other points than just 1v1 kill with no bots.

I beg to differ i feel the only thing that a buff might be beneficial without making her broken is her ult

I made this post about deande i have put a lot of play time in and made plenty of conclusions about her i have had my best game 37-1-13 with her and i dont even have everything for her shes fantastic and is in my opinion the character to lookout for.

Deande is slow but makes sense because she can trap enemies as is increasing the speed would be to much. I honestly dont use any gear for movement speed and feel its not needed. U bring up great points dont get me wrong but i just feel u have not seen what a well played deande can do. She is advanced tier character for a reason shes not the easiest to use and its good that shes not. Any buffs would ruin that I feel and then we would complain about her being to good. Like the gali and ambra thing.


I’ve noticed things that need a buffet too, I think development should look at some abilities. Ultimate needs buff, and she need a bit more hit box area. But that’s it

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Ah ok, I didn’t mean to repost I just didn’t see no other posts about her so I made this one. Yea her Ult is so bad probably the worse in the game. It’s not bad with her current sprint speed but she needs more being an assassin with no real long range. She’s squishy as all get out, having a speed close to rath is highly recommended being she’s more squishy then him and can’t get as much HP back. I’m still gonna keep using her though, I like ninjas.

Yea her range is pretty lacking. Her damage and other abilities are really good, it’s just that getting out of tight situations without cloak is pretty impossible as she’s so squishy. And it hurts to see a melee class so slow that isn’t a tank.

Buff her a little maybe, but nerf the uppercut helix mutation as well. That thing needs to be dealt with very fast before most peoples unlock it or we will see deande in every matches after galilea’s nerf.

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Deande may be lower in certain area but she has too be. If she hit as hard as other assassins with her holotwin ability, she’d be OP. Increasing her damage will also increase her twins.

While her Ult doesn’t pack the punch others do, it is very versatile. It does require more set-up but it pays off. Being able to hit enemies and lock them up while behind a fellow player is great.

Learning to use her melee as an escape move is very important to do well as Deande. Sprint plus tertiary melee launches her into the air higher than any other characters jump and is what I think makes her a very dominant character

It’s probably because of her High Heels™ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I’m sorry but it always makes me laugh when a designer puts high heels on fighter characters. Please stop.)

I do agree that her ultimate seems really weird. The first few times I used it I didn’t even understand what she was doing. I also died a couple of times because of that. It’s basically a self stun, why would I ever in a fighting situation want to do that? Especially with such a squishy character! At least other characters can either move while charging their ult or they can start charging it in a safer situation…Though can she start charging it in stealth, I wonder? (probably not…)

Otherwise she seems super powerful though. In good hands she is a beast! Just a high learning curve.

Heh yeah, but at least in Deande’s case they put in her heels “Because she’s a classy lady!” instead of the usual “Because she’s a lady!”. Also, pretty sure she’s also the only one (Except maybe Phoebe because I can’t tell with that giant dress. Not that it matters since she floats anyways).

Indeed. The rest of her attire doesn’t look that battle ready either (since it really isn’t!) so it’s not that big a deal. Overall her costume is a little silly looking so the heels don’t break it, I’d say it’s quite fine.

If only! Now these on the other hand, don’t seem to fit at all… (I really have a love-hate relationship with Gals design)

Though only 2 characters with high heels out of 25 is pretty damn good. And but the looks of it, none of the DLC characters will have high heels either. I mean I get it, they look pretty and stuff, and while I do enjoy a bad ass character rocking it in High Heels, you really need to think if they really fit (as with all components of the characters design.)

I’ve not lost a single match on Deande. Seriously, if anything - she is OP.

  1. They need to nerf her mutation with knockup effect, so it at least doesn’t stun you and only roots. Right now it is a perma-cc with some AS items.

  2. Her ult is only useful for damage when your are in a one on one situation, otherwise it is the strongest mass CC ability in the game. Use it as such.

  3. Deande is insanely hard to keep track of. She pops the holotwin, goes around your backs and focuses the healer with her CC, while your team goes in. And unlike every other assassin, healer won’t be able to do sh*t to her, while her constant jumps will make her a harder target for enemies to focus.

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I’m finding Deande to be perfectly fine. Her mele could have a bit more circular curve and her ult about -0.5 sec charge but that’s about it. I don’t think people use her ranged enough or something but I’m finding nothing wrong with Deande. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken or It’ll get nerfed to the ground.

I don’t know, I’m looking at these comments and i’m trying to believe it, but I have yet to see another Deande do extremely well unless the team is just horrid. When there’s me and another Deande I’ve always done better, and when I play with another character against them Deande doesn’t feel as much a threat, just like Whiskey Foxtrot. Her ability to KO an opponent is good, but chances are once that KO is done you are found out and you cannot retreat again.

I will be the first to admit, her uppercut mutation is broken, I’m pretty sure they will patch that. Also Deande isn’t really hard to keep track of, I find her all the time, she moves so slow it’s hard not to see her slowy treading across the map like she’s short winded. I want to say maybe it’s just me, but I’ve played characters who players seem worse with more success (Boldur and Reyna).

Maybe it’s time to hang up the cloak for me and stick with Rath as my attacker.

I alway whittle people down with the ranged fans, weak and then go ham on attack. If the city doesn’t go in my favour I invis, run and the twin might even finish the kill. I always choose my fights on my terms. Also try on capture, if you can play Deande that game mode is the best for her (no distractions with minions). Hope this helps :slight_smile:

My limited experience is that against weak opponents, Deande is a monster. Against better players, she gets spanked often. I haven’t managed to make good use of her ult. Waiting to charge up while everyone is running fast around you is no fun.

Ult charge rate and mele swing need a slight buff. I haven’t played enough so I’ll see how I do even when outmatched.

It does thanks and I figure she would do better in Capture, I just really don’t like that mode as much as the other two. From what I’m reading in the comments though she seems to be better than rath but I do way better with Rath than Deande, mainly cause of his dash speed and his Ult. He is also not as squishy and combined with a fast dash/movement speed he can escape better than she can (once the cloak is on cool down). She just doesn’t feel really assassiny (is that a word?)

Maybe I’m just better with Rath? I don’t think so, but eh maybe I am.

They play styles are rather different and I feel Deande is harder to use, but if you can use her she is much better. If she gets a buff I won’t complain I love using her but I just feel like your not using her to potential. I feel a lot of characters that are marked as Advanced are relatively easy except for her and I feel that is what trips people up compared to Gal who is a character anyone can use with minimal issues Deande is just star in the distance and I feel like she is unsung in that aspect.

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There is a Badass for everyone and maybe Rath is for you :smile: