Squad connection issues - multiplayer unplayable

My friends and I are unable to squad up in game. We are all extremely displeased. Piss poor reflection of Gearbox which we all thought would be the only company in the last 2 years to make a playable game on launch. We have all submitted tickets and no responses or updates even though MANY others are having the same problem.


*can’t join friends or match make (found a temp fix to join friend so joining player hover over the invite send button, get host player to send invite then when it pops you confirm to send ur invite then you press the PS button bringing up the’re invite and join).

*Tearing/shuddering when moving up, down, left or right.

*Poor rendering can just stop randomly making game look like an N64 game.

*Laggy mini map (rotate: on).

*Map displays incorrect information or objective to non-host.

*submitting a ticket just seems to get you what feels like an automated response like we are idiots, please make sure you have ps+ and what error are you getting what are you pc specs, wth :joy::neutral_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: on the 3rd I was on the verge of preordering BL3 I downloaded BL1 GOTY in 7min (praise my 402mb fiber) :ok_hand: but my mood soon changed about how I feel towards gearbox and 2k for their poor service absolutely nothing being said on twitter the ignorance is real I’m just not sure I want to give them anymore money let alone another £90 for BL3 :thinking: thoughts.

Easy to solve, Just é able DMZ on your router. This worked with me and all other players that did it


There’s another thread for this where Gearbox acknowledged the problem. I can absolutely understand your frustration. There is no excuse for releasing the game this way. I bought a copy of the Xbox version and one of the Playstation version to show my thanks for them giving me the update for the PC version I already own for free. This is the thanks I get in return lol. The only version that works is the one I already owned, the PC version.

Doesn’t work. Already tried.

Check this post, it worked for me

One extra step might help: it’s possible that after either port-forwarding or designating your PS4 as outside the DMZ that the game is still trying to use stale connection data. If that is the case, it’s possible that a proper power reset (or whatever you need to do on PS4 to clear cached data) might clear things up. That, or deliberately toggling your network settings in-game to private, starting a session, quitting, then switching back etc.

Alright so I’m not gonna say this is the end all be all fix but it has been working for me and my friends idk why it works but it does. You have to send an invite to whoever you trying to invite and when they accept it will fail. Then they create a lobby and send you an invite, it’s should connect you with no problems. For multiple people: say you have 4 players 1,2,3,4 have 2,3,4 send invites to player 1 after they all fail player 1 creates a lobby and invites them all. Hope this helps some of you until they patch it.

DMZ does work you obviously have to get your friends to DMZ their PS4s too I even manage to join a public session via match making to get my 3+ players trophy.

Go to router settings (example
Normally it’s somthing like
Advanced > firewall > DMZ

Now just enter your ps4s ip or select ps4 by its ip and turn ON

All parties need to do same.

As an added note: if your router is using DHCP to assign IP addresses, the IP of the ps4 may occasionally change. So if the problem reoccurs, just check that it’s still got the correct setting.

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I’d never thought to mention that my ps4 has a static ip it’s stays. .121 lol mybad

Tbh a lot of routers these days can find said active device on the DMZ without you looking for the IP but always check it’s the same then rename device to ie EVOS PS4

I would also like to add that you should not ever DMZ other devices as its unsafe only PS4 in my opinion as its the safest most secure device out there thanks to Sonys harsh security.

BL:GOTY UPDATE – We’re currently testing new fixes to address the Borderlands: Game of the Year connectivity issues. While we continue to work on this, we’d like to offer the community some Gold Keys as thanks for your patience so far.