Square angles... Colliding with everything

Anyone else getting snagged on edges and stuck in odd places all over the battlefield? Or worse, boxed into a corner and beat up by a larger framed character unable to move or do anything. Also unable to jump over small ledges as I’m colliding with the lip and falling straight down. Kind of throws off the flow of combat.


Yeah, that and playing as Caldarius and having my ult get interrupted by floating collision near walls is a real buzz kill.

Yeah. They need to work on the clipping with railings and some other things. Right now the clipping with the railings is too…good?..and results in characters often getting stuck when trying to jump when right next to them. I do think that some of the crannies need to have a look, as a bigger character like ISIC, Montana, Kelvin, etc. can just block you in and punch you to death.