SSD broken: reinstallation question

Typing from my phone, sadly mourning the death of my computer (ssd apparently dead), I wonder where my save files are. I’m hoping they are on some steam servers - I have the steam version. Is that so? If not, then I may be able to salvage something from the disk - if so, where would I have to look for windows 8 / 10 ?
Thank you

If you have cloud save enabled, steam should have your character(s) saved there. Otherwise in windows 7 the characters are saved in the Saved Games folder (I think), not sure about 8 / 10.

The local Save file should be in C:\Users\Username\Documents\My Games.

my save files are in C:\Users\UserName/Documents/My Games/Borderlands 2/WillowGame/SaveData/X

Mine too. I just thought from the my games folder it is pretty easy to find the rest. :wink:

It looks like I may not be able to recover anything from my drive, but thank you. And it looks like I did not have “cloud save” enabled – sigh. How can I enable than in the future? I dont see that in any of the options. Also, all my golden keys are gone with the badass ranks too :frowning:
Thank you!

In Steam rightclick on the game and than the updates tab. There you can activate the steamcloud synch.