St4ckbot Class Mod is BUGGED/Not working properly

Video example of elemental DoTs resetting the class mod’s effect.

Link to the example only.

This is only one of the things that reset it. Grenades, Melee, and other sources of damage can also cause this and turn a class mod with nice potential into just a very bad one for most weapons. You can still use it effectively with elements if you stack the damage on the first Fade shots and then switch to a high-powered gun for the last shot/seconds for a very big amped shot, but that’s about it for usage and it fits mostly for bossing. Any different usage is overshadowed by other coms.

This means that, to use this class mod right now, you’d have to lock yourself to Kinetic and Cryo damage types, while also avoiding the other things that reset the effect. This obviously feels underwhelming.


Not surprising but thanks I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to use it thanks for saving me time.

Holy hell, its worse than I thought XD. I had thought only secondary weapon effects reset it - but this does explain my stack count resetting 95% of the time despite taking the necessary precautions.

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I’m not really sure if it is a bug. Sounds like it works as intended. Yea it’s a bit annoying that other damage resets it, but I feel like this MOD was meant to support those Jakobs crit builds. This MOD max’s out at like 200% bonus damage I think, that would make any additional damage INSANE.


I’m sorry, but doesn’t that sound way too overly restrictive to be intentional? I get wanting to support certain play styles, but creating a barrier to accumulating any damage for just proccing DOTs, which any weapon can do thanks to ASE anointments, would just be a stupid solution to that.

We don’t need to find justifications for every bug. If this is intentional then it should be removed because it’s oppressively restrictive. However, it isn’t intentional, so we don’t need to excuse it by pretending it is. Hopefully they fix this soon.


Im like 100% sure dots ands grenades and secondary effects resettinf the bonus is unintended. Its just far too inane and the bonus isnt that remarkable either.


wouldbt the richochet drop stacks too? so if that was the intent it doesnt work

Double checked the damage and it Max’s out at 500%. Also guys again, if you read the MOD in plain English it says it stops stacking when you don’t score a critical hit. Dots don’t crit, grenades don’t crit (unless you’re moze), and melee doesn’t crit. Working as intended. Also if a ricochet from a gun didn’t crit, then it would cause you to drop stacks because again, it’s following the same logic from the MOD. Really the only way to use this MOD efficiently is to play fade away crit flak.


would be great if we could get some kind of visual indicator to tell us what our stack level is at

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yep, its been all over youtube, it means you cant use the passives on shields and nades ( plus 50% **** damage at skill end other than cryo )

you can however use the nade mod that gives 26 % increase to action and skill damage for 6 secs when thrown, as well as a cryo mod, but only if they prove that AOE none crit doesn’t re-set the buff, they where looking into that


We’re getting mixed reports that pet damage is resetting the damage as well.

If we’ve got a class mod that loses effectiveness when FL4K’s pet attacks, the thing that is out 24/7 and needed to stack Frenzy and revive you and is a selling point of the class, then there is no way in heck such an oversight is intentional. This COM is way more restrictive than CA even. It basically invalidates and entire action skill and tree.

No offence - but I think its fairly obvious the wording means when you score a body shot - not DOTs or grenades. I guarantee you this isn’t working as intended - GB wouldn’t make a COM that intentionally works against game mechanics or make one that is only useful with almost no weapons in the game and is viable only in gimmicky boss kills. The obvious reason as to why its not working is because it is because or the way the COM is programmed to eliminate stacks on a non-crit rather than a body shot.


sounds reasonable, makes sense,

wonder why it wasn’t tested at all before release? because the problem screams out its there with only the briefest test.