St4ckbot Fantasy Rework

I love discussing skills and gear in the Borderlands franchise and in these Fantasy Rework posts I pick a Legendary Class Mod that catches my interest and I think about what I would do to make it the perfect COM for my personal use. Unlike last time, in this post I’ll be covering a Class Mod I actually really love, the St4ckbot.

Design Philosophy : The St4ckbot always seemed like it wanted to be the preeminent Guerillas in the Mist COM, and I suppose it is; but in its current form it’s a bit clunky during extended mobbing engagements, requiring constant Action Skill cycling with skills such as Leave No Trace and Eager to Impress. The addition to the special effect of the COM is intended to reward players for getting kills while mobbing, allowing for some really impressive GITM uptime if players can kill fast enough.

Removing Hunter’s Eye was an easy choice because it simply feels tacked-on, with no real driving motivation for it being on this particular COM. Persistence Hunter was a thematic choice, though probably a pretty overpowered one. Admittedly I’m aiming for coherence rather than balance (after all, these are my fantasies!).

Probable Design Failings : In my opinion the St4ckbot is probably just fine as it is. As I mentioned earlier, Leave No Trace and Eager to Impress can do a lot to help players constantly reactivate their Action Skills. This means that as a pure GITM Class Mod it still functions quite well without any changes. Between Persistence Hunter, ETI, and LNT this COM would both have incredible consecutive uptime and massively reduced downtime, likely making it overpowered.

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I think having Persistence Hunter on the Stackbot is a fantastic idea. It would be great to have a Guerillas COM and this definitely would slide it even moreso into that niche.

I’d argue that Furious Attack and LNT would be better choices for such a COM though. You get lots of uptime with Guerillas with Persistence Hunter being boosted, then you get your Guerillas back quickly with LNT, and then with Furious Attack, your high fire rate weapons really stack up the damage quickly. Maybe you could go with Overclocked instead of Furious Attack for all the fire rate?

I don’t know if the additional special effect giving Fade Away additional duration based on kills is really that much of a usable bonus though? I almost think the COM is OK as is, just changing up the skills would help a lot. I don’t understand why GBX is so obsessed with putting Hunter’s Eye and Pack Tactics on all the legendary COMs.

These are good suggestions. It’s a shame these will never get addressed LOL.

P.S. - I’m also really happy to see someone posting to the Fl4k forums! :rofl: It’s been awful quiet lately.


Yeah I should have given some additional shoutouts to the skills you mentioned like Furious Attack and Overclocked. They really fit well with the COM, and I probably would prefer those to F&TF and Pack Tactics. Though I certainly value the heck out of the +3 to Pack Tactics I’ve got on my own St4ckbot build. I even liked the idea of putting The Power Inside on it since it’s a COM focused around cycling an Action Skill. Honestly there are so many better choices than what they put on it, but it’s far from the worst I suppose.

I’m basically of the opinion that the COM needs no changes at all, despite what this thread might suggest. Obviously I like COMs that have a very focused/niche and thoughtful approach to their designs but it’s functional as a GITM COM for me and that’s all it needs to be. I play my St4ckbot FL4K quite a lot and it’s become one of my favorite builds out of the 20 or so I have at level 65. But I like scrutinizing and discussing these things with other fans, so here we are.

Sadly the forum activity has mirrored by own interest (or lack thereof) in the game as of late. But I still love talking about extremely specific topics like this for fun. Borderlands still manages to capture my imagination even if I’m disillusioned with the game in a broad sense. Hopefully the return of the Cartels Event will renew my interest and get some more players back on these forums.