ST4CKBOT Question

Can the St4ckbot roll with action skill cool down? I’ve done over 100 farming runs and trying to get this and it hasn’t dropped. Is it not possible it is my luck just bad?

Not sure why it wouldn’t roll with CDR. As far as I know COM’s can roll with any passives, and sometimes roll twice on the same one.

Looking at some photos online and it seems it can roll with it. The RNG gods just hate me haha

RnGeezus can really be lame sometimes

Any COM can roll with any of the passives that can roll on a COM (not all passives can roll on COMs, for example I believe AOE damage cannot roll on a COM, only on an artifact). I know that might sound a little silly, but it is the answer to the OP.

All that said, I do feel like action skill cooldown DOES seem to be slightly more rare than some other passives on COMs. Anyone else notice that same thing?

From my experience it is. Legitimately 100 runs without a single drop of that passive. With there being around 30 passives COMs, math would indicate it dropping at least a couple times.

Shame we can’t use eridian to improve that drop chance temporarily. Be a great use of my pile of purple rocks haha

@TexasC4 Not trying to mess up your build or anything, legitimate question here: why are you so desperate for a Stackbot with AS cooldown?

If you are running a Stackbot, this also means you are running FA, which means that you have Head Count available to you to do MAJOR cooldown work. Way more cooldown work than 35% will ever do. And the kind of cooldown work that makes AS cooldown, as a passive, kind of redundant.

So why not look for a damage or survival passive on your Stackbot instead? Jakobs or Hyperion crit, weapon crit, weapon damage, weapon type damage, or shield passives all would serve you better with a FA Stackbot build. Just MHO.

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@tysonyar My goal is a M10 3 shot FA sniper build capable of mobbing very effectively. Once max St4ckbot stacks are reached I want to keep them as long as possible so Brainstormer w/ Megavore & Headcount doesn’t fit. Plus, I’m running a One-shotter shield so I get no benefit from the Guardian perk giving bonus action skill cooldown on full shield.
Guardian Rank gives 15% cooldown, artifact gives 21%, COM would give another 30%. This reduces FA cooldown from 45 secs to 15 secs. 4 kills with Eager to Impress shaves another 5 seconds off plus any additional bonus from Head Count triggering on those crits. The result is pretty consistently having Fade Away up as soon or very shortly after ASE grenade & shield anointments end. So you can loop powerful FA shots & ASE bonuses to keep your overkill going and continue one-shotting enemies.
My current St4ckbot has the bonus weapon damage & crit damage you mentioned, but I’m finding that isn’t enough to compensate for the additional 10-15 seconds outside Fade Away by not having action skill cooldown. So there are “drops” in power, loss of Overkill, and general lulls in game play. Plus, you have less survivability by spending more time outside Fade Away. I tried this with a Deadeye that has cooldown and it worked a lot better, just not enough damage. Hence, needing a St4ckbot with action skill cooldown.

I hear you, but think of it this way - cooldown stacks on itself. The more time-based cooldown skills you have, the less you need a percentage-based action skill cooldown. That is, if you have skills that can shave almost the entirety of your cooldown, a percentage-based bonus does not add that much.

If you are using both HC and ETI, then I would argue that AS cooldown on your COM is even more redundant than if you were just using HC. But I don’t know, I may be off-base here.

Unfortunately, that’s not how cdr works
The formula is
In your case 45sec/1+0,66
Your cooldown should be approx 27 sec.

Also, see this chart for passives on COMs and artifacts:

Edit: there’s also a thread on cooldown somewhere on here


@derwitte I don’t see AOE damage on that chart so I am not so sure how correct it is, or maybe they just forgot AOE damage (AOE damage is the one you want on an artifact, I think that one boosts splash radius and damage equally).

EDIT - and I believe that your analysis on cooldown is correct (and also a better answer than mine, dammit! :rofl:).

I think they just called it splash dmg for simplicity reasons.
And I think it was @Ratore who vonfirmed AOE on artifacts only also increases splash radius when it’s not the first passive roll on an artifact

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Iiiiiiinteresting. I did not know that. Thanks for the tip.

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@derwitte That’s really helpful, thank you. I know I have got some 15 second cooldowns, but I likely wasn’t accounting for the Shield’s full bonus between some of my shots.

And here is the full thread on passives

@tysonyar I now see what you are saying as I have a better understanding how the cooldown works. I can be a little dense haha :joy:
Question: If the only one pellet on the Maggie crits and the other body shot, do you lose St4ckbot stacks or does that count as a crit?

You lose them …

You can always use grenades for Headcount as well. They won’t work as well as a Brainstormer, but it’s something.

It would be absolutely fantastic if there was a counter that showed your Stackbot stacks, that way some of this stuff would be more apparent (and testable, because I could SWEAR that not all non-crit damage sources reset the Stackbot).