St4ckbot still broken?

So I picked up Fl4k again after the recent changes made to Mayhem mode, and I pulled up some videos for new build ideas to mix things up a bit. I saw a video by Joltzdude called Deputy Fl4k 4.0 (an update to a Jakobs-centered Fadeaway build), and when I clicked on it I noticed he had the St4ckbot Com equipped.

The last time I heard about the St4ckbot, pretty much everyone and their dog agreed the Com was bugged to all hell. Most notably was the fact that damage other than direct gun damage, like DoT effects, would reset all stacks and kill your DPS. I don’t know the specifics about how exactly the Com worked and my eyes would glaze over any time I tried to interpret the damage numbers myself, but at the time it was enough to make me just stick with the Stalker instead of bothering to farm St4ckbots.

I thought maybe that because it was in the video it had been updated in one of the patches, but the fact that he didn’t mention the bug in his video at all leads me to believe that he might not have known there was a problem with the Com to begin with.

Does anyone know if the St4ckbot is still broken, or if it was fixed in a recent patch? And if it hasn’t been fixed, do anybody know what sources of damage (like Dots, Novas, grenade, melee, etc) reset the damage stacks? The St4ckbot looks like it could be a cool way to mix things up if its working as intended, but I don’t like the idea of going in blind and completely gimping my damage output without knowing why (especially on a VH as squishy as Fadeaway Fl4k).

Any advice is appreciated, thank you!

I can’t comment if it is truly fixed, but they made an adjustment back in April.

Addressed a reported concern that damage over time would interrupt or reset the stacked buff from the Beastmast’s St4ckbot class mod.

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Still broken with some things.


You can still get Stackbot stacks pretty high, pretty quickly with a Jakobs shotgun (Stagecoach or Robin’s Call would be good choices to use) and a 3-shot FA build. Outside that, usage cases for the Stackbot are limited, at least IMO.

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If you’re mobbing with St4ckbot you’ll definitely gimp your damage…those resets suck…but it’s the best bossing tool I’ve seen on a character next to TTB Amara…

St4ckbot + Guerillas in The Mist + Pearl + Monarch…goodness

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Thanks for the feedback, everybody! I missed the patch notes in April, and it was also really helpful to see the videos breaking down the ways that the St4kbot resets. It looks like its better than it was when the DLC launched, but there are still too many things to make it super reliable. Unless I can find a stagecoach with 20+ pellets and a good anointment which I don’t see happening unless I sacrifice a goat to the alter of the RNGoddess or something.

I do like it for bossing, and I still like the concept of it enough that I wanna fool around with it and find a way to make it work for 3-shot Fadeaway mobbing. I didn’t know that hollow point resets the stacks, so I would probably turn that off, and I would probably switch to the gunslinger jabber since apparently the spiderant scorcher’s Dots also resets the St4kbot.

@WxndaBread I never really liked using Guerrillas in the Mist much, but it would be interesting to experiment with it a bit if I can find a good Monarch, so thanks for sharing that idea!


Actually if you watch the video and try the build, u will get the full effect of the St4ckbot mod. And in my opinion it is better to use with 3 shot FA rather than GITM. Using a stagecoach, your first 2 FA shots build your stacks and your last FA shot is the killshot, using any high damaging weapon. And because of the high pellet count of the weapons showcases, ur FA cooldown is refunded very quickly, allowing constant FA chains. I run this build whenever i wanna change up my Rakk Attack build, however because of the awesome ASE N2M annoitment spamming of Rakk Attack builds, i prefer it over a Fade Away build. Anyway, this is what i run:
Frozen Heart with ASS shield break effect.
Cloning Hunter Seeker with 25% on grenade thrown.
St4ckbot- random skill allotments
Pearl of Knowledge

21x Stagecoach with Consecutive Hits Annoitment
Maggie with Consecutive Hits or Seventh Sense
Ion Cannon with 300/90 or ASE elemental damage
Complex Root with Consecutive Hits or ASE Splash Damage

I also run with Monarchs for those few times i am out of FA and need to survive and speed up my cooldown. The flipper has worked pretty well as a substitute once the pellet count gets up.

The problem with St4ckbot is, IMO, way to high maintenance. You need to be very accurate and time your stack building and unloading and do all this while surviving an onslaught. I die way more with FA than Rakk Attack.

Just my 2 cents…

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I don’t use Stackbot often, so I didn’t reply to speak on that piece. What got me is the comment about dying more with FA than RA.

How? Are you using life steal anointment with RA? I mainly run FA, and almost never take a knee. I typically use Until You Are Dead with Unblinking Eye, swapping in Not My Circus for specific areas like the Q platform in Guardian Takedown (the Q shaped, narrow floater with guardians on it, right before Scourge). Half the time, I don’t even bother with a Stop Gap or Last Stand relic. The escape and regen make it easy to stay up.

With RA i use a Frozen Heart with ASS activate shield break or fill effect (we need to find an agreed upon abbreviation of that annointment), using FF and Rakkcelerate augments and the Pearl as my artifact. So my only source of healing is FF augment. But Frozen Heart with 3 charges of Rakks allows me to control the whole battlefield which i find more useful than a Stop Gap with the same annoitment. When using FA, i use the NMC and UE augment as well.
Now im not saying i go down all the time in FA. I just made the comment that i go down more when using FadeAway then when using Rakk Attack. I still destroy the battlefield in FA but i prefer RA.