Stacking 1 hp build

does it somehow stack, to use “thin red line”, a deathless and a frontloader, all at the same time?
or is that a kinda waste of points? i mean, deathless gives you +100% shield, anyway. but what counts first? and does the frontloader do anything, when you equip a deathless? and should you only invest as many points in “thin red line” as needed to go down to 1 hp? or all points?

For the actual math of how they stack you can see here:

Reserving health above 100% still gives you the full bonuses but your health won’t go below 1hp. As for the order the bonuses apply.

Thin Red Line reserves your overall health and turns it into base shield capacity. So all shield buffs will apply to the health thin red line converted.

Deathless is just another % based shield increase that applies to (base shield + thin red)

The front loader comes last and will add on at the end.

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so its worth, taking it all, yea? :smiley:

Deathless and Thin Red Line are worth it, Front Loader not so much, I’d go Transformer or Big Boom Blaster instead.

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yea i have a transformer on, atm
i once equiped a frontloader and saw, the transformer actually gave me more shield so i stuck with it

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about the big boom blaster
i recognized sometimes, boosters are not picked up on running, but i have to manually click them
thats super annoying and slowing in battle
is that a kinda option or did it once change with hotfixes?
i mean, who chooses to not pick up boosters?

I think boosters not picking up is a terrain problem. If you pay attention you’ll see sometimes ammo and health vials are also missed.

ok, so would probably be a good idea to increase the autp pickup range to fix this problem :smiley:

I’m not sure it would, I think the issue is that they don’t scan below the player’s feet level. Increasing the range wouldn’t help, they need to scan down a bit for some boosters.

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alternatively, with the bloodletter, a good life regen shield would also do a decent job? or isnt that working?

The problem with life regen is that it will be based on your max health not your max shields. Moze also tends to have a far larger shield than health. So it just ends up being insignificant regen. I’ll give you an example with a generous amount of health regen.

A 1hp set up at level 50 has approximately 6000 max health and at least 18000 shields. If you then stack health regen to lets say 15%, you’ll be getting 900 shield per second. Which would take you 20 seconds to reach max shields, or put another way 12 seconds to have the same effect that a single booster from the Big Boom Blaster would have.

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