Stacking or Not Stacking. OP runs edition

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In general I don’t believe in stacking (Anarchy). Even less for Peak runs. If you can’t open it “bare” they’re will be a better solution at high stacks. And should be at high enough stacks by the end.
Maybe for Raid Bosses.

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It probably depends on what the player is doing? If they’re repeatedly farming a single boss (which appears to be fairly common in this game), going into that single fight with no stacks means “wasting” some time and ammo while they build up the stacks to begin damaging the boss at a rate that they prefer (since a failed drop tends to mean restarting the mission and ditching the stacks). Presumably the time taken to pre-stack is less than the time to kill the boss without this starting stack?

For general mobbing/story quests (which involves dispatching numerous enemies, sometimes on the way to something bigger), the stacks pile up before you know it (even for runs up to OP8, which appears to be the gist of your post).

Pre-stacking is something I might consider if I was going after raid bosses solo regularly, but even regular mobbing/story missions at OP8, pre-stacking is just… eww. :dukepuke:

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If you’re guns are decent you shouldn’t need to pre stack. Just mobbing builds stacks quickly if you don’t die or go into FFYL a lot. Farming bosses i would never pre stack, but maybe if i did raids i would


I remember when Gaige came out and I’d stick her in front of the dummy with a Striker and an elastic band over the fire button. Then I’d go make some coffee and come back to 100+ stacks. What a bunch of silliness.

Apparently PC players have a “method” to jump into the game pre-stacked and while I understand doing this for Time Trials, that’s not my idea of playing the game. My solution is to not raid with Gaige.

All of my Peak runs started with zero stacks and were usually around 250 by the time I got past the Assassins.

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Sounds like a consensus. Was just making sure

That’s one way to look at it! :sweat_smile:

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In reference to the peak and anarchy stacks, I discovered when I took Exit,GaigeLeft to unlock OP2 that you can use the Jack cutouts to stack Anarchy the same way you can Moxxi heal or proc Get Some with Sal, even after the cutout is demolished. Personally, I find prestacking annoying, so I put the point into Rational Anarchist and max out Typecast Iconoclast, and that usually makes accumulating stacks much quicker, especially if you lean on those small mag Jakobs shotties as heavily as I do.

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This. My melee gaige(who’s only in TVHM) can keep up stacks due to those skills

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Pretty much where I am. TI is at 4/5. Good enough for me.

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Stacking for raid boss only. Mobbing not needed, If I need max anarchy at the start, i will run southpaw or bloodshot, by the end of the map I have max anarchy already.


I had a spare bit of time to play so I hit the Peak with Gaige for the first time since I got her to OP8 (April 2017 it seems) - this would be her first actual OP8 run.

Being the character I play the least, I was very rusty but managed to get to the Doc Mercys before crashing. Anyways : no prestacking ; was at 218 when she died.

Used a Leg Catalyst build with all shock gear ( Fibber, CC and Hail ), Slagga, Storm Front.

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Pre-stacking is OK in my book, but I simply find it too boring. So, I never do it! If I need to farm for certain gear, I simply use Sal, and then transfer the stuff I get.

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I am definitely guilty of this too. Sometimes I’ll take her to melt Tinder Snowflake to build stacks. She’s maxed out by the end and then gets to sift through those big honking chests on the train, and then sometimes I’ll take her mobbing through the rest of the map for the other red chests. Win, win, win, as they say. :wink:

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Nobody says that! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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How did I know it would be you to catch me on that? Jolly good show, chap. :clap: :wink:

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Blockquote[quote=“Jefe, post:4, topic:1770060”]
My solution is to not raid with Gaige.

I’ve found this the hard way with cheesing raid bosses in TVHM with my 72 Gaige… easily the worst raider bar none. At least of classes I’ve played.

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Losing all your stacks when you die is a very harsh penalty, imo, and pre-stacking is a PITA. However… That knowledge plus the knowledge of what 400 stacks, or even 600 stacks, can do to a raid boss, should give you an idea on how to deal with certain fights. Get yourself a nice Hive, and exploit the Drunken Hive method.

The Fibber is another option. 600 stacks and a Bee will turn up the dps to 11.

Bahroo once started work on a guide: “Raiding for the poorly geared”. It included several videos, but the link to it in the resource thred doesn’t work anymore. Here’s one of the clips.

While it was done back in the day when the game was capped at level 50, the tactics haven’t changed much since UVHM became available.

If it wasn’t for the pre-stacking, I’d be raiding a lot with Gaige.

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